Response to “Good Readers and Good Writers”

Nabakov’s piece on the levels of good readers to good writers has strong views and differences when compared. What makes a good writer, in my opinion, is a writer who looks at their own piece as a readers’ point of view. Writing, for many, is seen as a strenuous skill to grasp and excel at but could be very rewarding. As writers publish their work to the public, the readers will be able to see a “new world” that was developed by the author. Nabakov explains how writers and readers need to both work with each other to have the fullest potential in a written piece. Readers provide the writer by giving recognition to the piece. Writers are able to give their readers emotions such as a “tingle” down the spine and are able to influence their feelings. In short, Nabakov’s passage shows the link between good writers and how they influence good readers and how it is related to society.

One thought on “Response to “Good Readers and Good Writers”

  1. Bella M.

    When you say “related to society” do you mean that if a writer is considered a ‘good writer’ (by Nabokov’s standards) that their stories and writing will have an effect on society in itself? Whether good or bad? And that is a sign of a good writer because they manage to make their readers think about how their (the writer’s) story reflects the readers real life?

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