Kyle’s Turning Point in Finding Himself

A passage from the Tenth of December that stood out to me was in Victory Lap on page 23 paragraph 2. This paragraph starts out with Kyle battling his own thoughts and you can see the process he is going through of what to do. This has to do with his parents, they are very strict and have a lot of rules for Kyle. However, the last line of this paragraph really stood out to me because you can see the exact moment when Kyle has a turning point. His last thought states “Quiet. I’m the boss of me”. Throughout Kyle’s life he had no control, he followed the rules and that is what he knew. But you can see how he has that moment where he was not letting people control what he was doing anymore. He was taking control of his life. I also thought it was so chilling how we saw that exact change in his mind.

3 thoughts on “Kyle’s Turning Point in Finding Himself

  1. Nate H

    I also found this passage of the story to be quite moving, I definitely noted it in my book. I thought that this moment was also a moment in which Benjamin’s theory on power could be applied. In the PARENT/child dynamic, Kyle was the ‘done to’ party. Once he found himself with power, however, he made the common error of flipping the power dynamic rather than getting rid of it. I thought this passage was a very nice example of one of Benjamin’s points.



    When reading Victory Lap, I also noticed this passage as well. I find it very interesting that George Saunders included such a drastic and vivid turning point in the story. It really does exemplify this power dynamic that the author strives to include.


  3. Joe H.

    Hi Katie! I thought that line was striking as well. It’s interesting to consider what happens when people no longer have guidance in their life. In Kyle’s case, he was left with no clue what to do, and it ended up being detrimental to himself and others.


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