Domination and Power

In, ” The Bonds of Love”, the author, Jessica Benjamin, proposes a theory that investigates the reason why Americans are desperate for power. The idea that powerless people have the strongest desire for power isn’t completely off, yet that argument is underdeveloped. Benjamin believes that the desire for domination and power begins with the submission and relentless following of an all-powerful figure. Usually, the submitter sees that all-powerful person as a goal to one day get to themselves. This power dynamic is becoming increasingly common in today’s world. However, the relationship between the powerful and the powerless is a tale as old as time.

In order to stop this harmful cycle that will lead America into many more disagreements and even more polarization, we must address the power struggle. Even more specifically, the oppressed person or group must name the harmful power dynamic and peacefully work to end that dynamic. However, this is no easy task. The oppressor might not see themselves as all-powerful. Many times the person in power does not know or believe that they have large amounts of power and that they are viewed as all-powerful. This often leads to the powerful not listening to the powerless which destroys the hope of healing and change. No wonder this dynamic has been happening since the beginning of time.

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