The Power of a Good Reader

Nabokov is partially famous for his discussion of what makes a good reader, and by correlation, what makes a good writer.

Nabokov mentions in his long reasoning that one important aspect of a reader/writer, is the ability to separate the reader’s world from the world the writer creates. But I disagree with this. The best thing about stories is the ability to connect things from your own world to the world the writer creates, whether its understanding the situation a character might be in, to imagining a location to something you’ve seen in your past or everyday life.

That is what makes books so much more imaginative and mentally stimulating than movies, when you read a book every person who reads it has a different image in their mind about a location, or even a character. Not to mention if we followed Nabokov’s example of not inserting ourselves into the story we might not feel the same nervousness, satisfaction or fear that the story presents.

One thought on “The Power of a Good Reader

  1. I agree with your comment regarding the benefits of being able to connect to a story. I think one of the best parts of reading is being able to relate to a players experience, emotion, or situation. That being said, I also think that books allow the reader to experience something completely foreign to them that can only be experienced through the act of reading. In order to be fully immersed into a book a sense of empathy is required and at the same time an open mindset.


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