Women Can’t Cheat

After reading “Secret Woman” and listening to the group presentation it is evident that there is a strong MALE/female binary present in the short story. Furthermore, through the group discussion, I realized that men cheating is normalized whereas women cheating is seen as dirty and is looked down upon far more than a man cheating on a woman. According to a study by the University of New Hampshire women are only 7% less likely to cheat on their partner than men are. So why are women chastised so much more than their male counterparts? Additionally, the same study found that men and women cheat differently. “Secret Women” represented this difference well. The difference being that men are more likely to cheat and feel romantic attraction with someone other than their spouse and women are more likely to be with multiple partners without romantic involvement. “Secret Woman” not only does a good job of illustrating the MALE/female binary but it also represents the double standard women face with infidelity.

8 thoughts on “Women Can’t Cheat

  1. Grayson A.

    Very profound insight into the double standard that we addressed in class. I agree with your stance on this. Your response to this story is very profound and something we should all think about as we progress into adulthood


  2. CORA B.

    I agree with your perspective that the MALE/female binary is very present in this story. I liked the statistics you provided as well. I also find it very upsetting this double standard about women cheating.



    I agree that the men and woman binary was a huge theme throughout the story. I notice that in life women are far less likely to be accused of cheating even though they do all the time.


  4. Maria L.

    I completely agree about the MAN/woman binary in this story. I think the information you found out about the differences between men and women cheating is really interesting, and reveals further insight about societal expectations.


  5. Violet B

    This was a very interesting analysis. Like you said, in the story the husband is furious when he finds his wife, but is also at the party himself. The husband doesn’t even recognize what he is doing as bad, but will go as far as to describe his wife as demonic. It is easy to connect this story to real life.


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