202 Checkmates

Although simpler than some of the other stories we read, 202 Checkmates was an interesting commentary on race, socioeconomic class, family dynamic, and maturing. The more simple language and less descriptive world allowed for an in depth understanding of the story, and a more comprehensive discussion in class. We not only are transported into the world of our young narrator, but we also get to see her mature through her actions and experiences. I enjoyed reading this story and felt that even though it may not have been as complex as something like Escape from Spiderhead, I was able to dive deeper into the details of the story. Chess, while a commonly used trope in literature and movies, was a well written way to bring a commentary and lesson into the story, and it was different than other things I have read/seen that have chess as a main theme.

4 thoughts on “202 Checkmates

  1. Elijah M

    Love how you point out the contrast between a story like 202 Checkmates and Spiderhead. This was a great story, and I love following the narrators process of maturity.


  2. OLIVIA T.

    I totally agree, I think that the simplicity of the story let us dig deeper into the smaller details of the story like the difference in Manny’s and the father’s hands.



    I also appreciated how this story was a little less complex because it allowed me to understand a little better and get into the details. The story’s progression really kept me engaged.


  4. Isaac T.

    I agree with your post, 202 checkmates is simplistic, yet has a deep meaning to it. It was interesting following the narrator mature throughout the story.


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