Conversation about Bias

In “Conversation About Bread,” two Black anthropology students from very different backgrounds are assigned to write an interesting story about each other and their region. Eldwin was raised in California and went to a multiethnic school where he learned to be unapologetically Black. Brian is from the south and feels that Californians have a false sense of superiority on the basis that they live in California. While both students attend the same PWI, their upbringing has led them to have extremely different experiences. Brian tends to cater to the white gaze, wanting to make sure that his story will make white audiences comfortable. Eldwin only notices the gaze when Brian is affected by it. Eldwin tries to write Brains’ story about Black southerners trying potato bread. Whether it was the first-person perspective or the way in which Eldwin wrote the story, it did not come off correctly. I think that this was because the story wasn’t coming from the person that it was about. Although both are “unicorns” at their school, these men were raised in completely different environments. Edwin’s unconscious bias about Black southerners is bound to sneak into the story when he isn’t a Black southerner himself. Brian’s input leads Eldwin to choose a new story about Brian to write, hopefully, a less biase one.

2 thoughts on “Conversation about Bias

  1. Maya S

    I think you raise a really good point here about how their backgrounds affect their points of view. It would also be interesting to consider Brian’s disability here, and how that plays into how he thinks about himself and his blackness. He mentions that, although they are both unicorns, his disability adds “an extra rainbow stripe” to him. I think it’d be interesting to discus how that difference in experience affects how Brian sees the story they’re writing compared to Eldwin. Maybe he is more conscience of the other-ing Eldwin is doing because he has experienced it so much himself?

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  2. CADEN P

    I think that the usage of biases from two different backgrounds is important to look at. From both writing about someone else’s background and what distinguished them from another. And then at the end being able to write about the other person and even trying to be unbiased. From race to gender and all aspects of life that people are judged on he is going to be more conscience of that case.

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