A Different Side of the Secret Women

In the Secret Women Irene and her husband were supposed to go to the Opera Ball. However, her husband says he can not attend due to a work situation. We later find out that both Irene and her husband are at the ball but they are there separately. Throughout Irene’s time at the ball, we can see how she finds freedom in being mysterious and not being known at the ball. On page 331 the author writes “The monstrous pleasure of being alone, free, honest in her crude native state, of being the unknown women, eternally solitary and shameless, restored to her irremediable solitude and immodest innocence by a little mask and concealing costume”. We see the husband’s perspective on Irene here which is a very rude perspective of her. He is making her sound like such a bad person even though he was there for the same reasons. It is unfair to Irene that she is the bad guy and that her husband’s actions are not important. There is a double standard.

One thought on “A Different Side of the Secret Women

  1. I agree with your statement regarding a double standard in The Secret Woman. How is it fair that Irene and her husband can go to the ball with presumably similar ill intentions yet Irene is being persecuted in the mind of her husband? I think it shows more about her husband’s character than her own, despite the fact that the entire story is about Irene. Overall I found your contribution very insightful.


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