Meursault is a freaking loser

Reading this book I had one consistent thought, ugh this dude is such a loser. I was quite angered with him throughout the book. Starting with Meursault aiding and abetting the domestic violence between the neighbor and his girlfriend. Its one thing to hear a beating and not say anything but its another to lure someone into a trap to be beaten. Especially when the reader and character are under the notion that she couldn’t win this fight. I found it incredibly frustrating his passiveness to that situation. Like who doesn’t have any remorse for willingly letting someone be beaten? No compassion or empathy? Yet with his mother’s death he exhibits some level of grief as he makes time out of his day to attend the funeral. With grief id assume its normal for someone to also understand the concept of empathy yet he proved me wrong. Finally, the way he treats his “girlfriend” Marie. I cannot POSSIBLY understand how she can just take his constant cold shoulder. Personally I wouldn’t take that disrespect but more power to you. So what does this all i mean? How can we possibly examine this book and its message without looking at the character who is the center of this story? There is no doubt Camus is a good writer, but is it a good story ? I understand not every main character has to be a hero, but they at minimum need to be interesting. And although intentional by Camus, i don’t think Meursault even has that. His quirks of being unempathetic and passive about death aren’t intriguing or interesting, just sad.

4 thoughts on “Meursault is a freaking loser

  1. Grace H.

    I think this was well said and I agree with the majority of your analysis. However, I think that what makes a good story is exactly what Camus did to you and others. Camus wrote Meursault in such a way that it physically upsets you, or at least me. I found myself being angered at his actions. In my opinion, not many books have the same large effect on me, where I am actually upset. That is what makes it a good story and Camus an even better writer.


  2. Lianna B.

    I agree, and I like the way you explained your observation and the examples you provided. Especially regarding the point of Marie constantly putting up with Meursault coldness, yet still wishing to marry him


  3. OLIVIA T.

    I agree I think that Meursault is an overwhelmingly boring protagonist but I think that Camus wrote him in that way in order to cause the audience to be upset with his actions.


  4. Lucy B

    I also found his thoughts and actions extremely annoying and maddening. However, when I looked at it objectively the story was easier to read.


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