Would Meursault Be a Stranger in Today’s Society?

Throughout Camus’ The Stranger the main character Meursault was portrayed and perceived by others as an uncaring, emotionless sociopath. Though he doesn’t cry at his mother’s funeral, it’s clear that Meursault did care for his mother as he thinks back to her at times throughout the story. If he truly didn’t care, he wouldn’t waste his time on his memories of her. Meursault was aware of how others were probably interpreting his actions such as not wanting to see his mother’s body and not openly sobbing like others at the vigil. Still, he wasn’t interested in what others thought. Perhaps it’s cultural, but we all grieve in different ways. Today, while not typical, it wouldn’t be considered unacceptable if Meursault wasn’t crying at his mother’s vigil. Our society today is more accepting that some people grieve openly and some more privately. Meursault was still solemn. He. Other than having a cigarette, he wasn’t joking or drinking. He wasn’t acting inappropriately at the funeral home. His behavior certainly wouldn’t be used as evidence against him as to the kind of person he was at a murder trial. Meursault was emotionally isolated. While not antisocial, he clearly was annoyed by people at times. Today’s society accepts that some people think and act this way and are not strange for doing so.

One thought on “Would Meursault Be a Stranger in Today’s Society?

  1. Owen S

    I like what you wrote your post about as it is not something I had put much thought into. I agree with your points about how today people today would be more understanding how he didn’t cry as that’s now how some people express emotions.


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