The Moral of Sisyphus

After reading the compelling tale of Sisyphus and the unexpected satisfaction he has in his own eternal torture, one could raise the debate on whether or not this way of thinking is one to embrace or reject. Should we adapt to this strange lifestyle to lead a more fulfilling life?

I do believe it’s important to feel in control of your future, but having complete certainty of your entire life ahead doesn’t always work. Don’t get me wrong, there is indeed satisfaction in certainty and having everything planned out. However, this doesn’t automatically lead to pure happiness. Sisyphus is able to control his fate of rolling the rock up the hill over and over again, but this could also lead to an empty and tiresome life devoid of excitement and hope. While not always entirely good, uncertainty can lead to exhilaration and joy from being able to try a new experience without worrying so much about how it will turn out in the end.