The Thought Surrounding Life

The Stranger introduces an original way of living that is deeply frowned upon by society. Not only was this way of living frowned upon by characters in the story, but also there were many readers who disliked Meursault as well. Readers, myself included, disliked Meursault for the reason that he lacked emotional attachment. He seemed so stoic and as if his emotions were completely turned off which made him seem inhumane. For example, the act of not crying at your mother’s funeral is troublesome and looked at negatively because it gives that notion that you didn’t care for your own mother. The way Meursault lives and thinks is fascinating but also so different it’s almost uncomfortable.

However, as the story went on I began to understand his thinking about life. Maybe the conversations that were had in class influenced my thinking. But the discussion about how there are so many different systems of life and how we must abide by those systems to not be an outcast in society was really interesting. Yet, even if one falls from the main system there is another system for the outcast. To add, the thought of taking full control of your life seems like it would make complete sense but the consequences are too extreme as seen in The Stranger.

Living in societes confining systems is tiresome and Meursault never realized that he was expelled from the ideas and instead he was influenced by the power of his own mind. Others cannot say the same. He had control over his life because he was not a slave to what society deems as correct or socially acceptable. However, when society says what a “horrible” person these ideas conclude they reject Meursault. Even in death he was hated, but life of true independence will upset society.

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