Trust. Does Maria Embody Meursault Tendencies?

Trust, the 1990s comedic, dramatic, and crime filled movie displays many complex characters. Maria Coughlin, one of the main characters in Trust embodies similar tendencies to Meursault, the main character in The Stranger. One may argue that both Maria and Meursault are raging existentialist. One may argue that both are thriving in their given environments. Is it fair to categorize both characters as extreme philosophical thinkers or do they just co-exist in society? As I write this, I would argue that Maria and Meursault both embody existentialism and what it means to question constructs. However, I would love to hear your thoughts on this multiplex question.

One thought on “Trust. Does Maria Embody Meursault Tendencies?

  1. OLIVIA T.

    I agree that Maria is an existentialist, but I think that she has to struggle more in order to reach radical subjectivity because she is a woman. She has to deal with the confines of being pregnant before she could truly reach radical subjectivity.


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