Is Meursault actually happy??

In Albert Camus’ novel, The Stranger The central theme is express heavily through the nihilism of Meursault the main character, who believe that accepting that life is meaningless due to the randomness of the universe is how one unlocks true peace and happiness. However, unless he is with Marie, he never seems happy.

Throughout the book, Meursault is a monotone, carefree individual who really cares about anyone, including himself. I mean, he probably wouldn’t have killed someone if he was thinking about the repercussions. Only during his physical relationship with Marie does he seem to find enjoyment in anything, and he doesn’t seem to like talking to her. Her physicals traits are the only part of her mentioned, so we know literally nothing and what type of person she is, not even when her birthday is or what’s her favorite food, or just something basic. Even when he was in jail and wanted to feel a women body, even said that he never thought of Marie in particular and that any women would suffice(77). I know that this guy is beyond weird, but he never finds anything but her enjoyable, not even the fact that he has found this secret that no one else knows. I just have to question if the way that he lived is worth it.

3 thoughts on “Is Meursault actually happy??

  1. LINA E.

    I think you have a solid point here especially only looking at Marie as an object and not getting to know the real her. I believe he isn’t truly happy as the author writes him to be but there may be something also going on with his past that we don’t know that caused him to lack empathy and consideration.


  2. Lianna B.

    You bring up a good point here and I 100% agree. Meursault doesn’t value Marie as a person and only seems to use her for his own enjoyment or desire, and he disregards her feelings multiple times


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