Existential Women

In the 1990s film Trust, Maria is unable to truly reach radical subjectivity until she is no longer pregnant. It is almost impossible for her to detach herself from the world around her when she has something inside her depending on her to live. Her high school boyfriend is easily able to make her pregnancy a non-problem for himself because he is not physically attached to the pregnancy. While Maria has to put the baby into consideration until she decides to abort it.  She could not just decide to ignore the pregnancy or decide that it didn’t matter because sooner or later she would need to give birth or have an abortion. Pregnant women like Maria have to go further than their male counterparts to be radical subjects.

3 thoughts on “Existential Women

  1. Ben K

    This is an interesting observation about Trust that I hadn’t really thought about while watching it, but I think it makes a lot of sense since Maria’s character changes a lot based on the state of her pregnancy. It’s also very interesting how you bring up how a physical challenge like a pregnancy will affect the extent of actions a character will have to take to be “radical”.



    The idea of pregnancy and then lack thereof as a catalyst for character development was an astute observation. It’s incredibly enlightening how you compare physical and mental development juxtaposing each other in real-time. This further extends to clothing choice aswell.


  3. Ma'ayan K

    This is a good point that I hadn’t really considered after seeing the movie. It’s very interesting how Maria’s ability to be subjective is affected by her physical state. These two components of one’s state aren’t often considered as reliant on one another.


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