Perspective in The Stranger

One of Camus’ central arguments is that perspective towards events in one’s life determines the meaning one receives from life. Examples of different perspectives are shown throughout the story.

Marie eventually asks Meursault if he wants to marry her and he responded that  “it didn’t make any difference to me and that we could if she wanted to” (p.41). Meursault’s perspective toward his and Marie’s relationship is indifferent. Meursault is not affected by a proposal of marriage; he is not affected in life at all. Futhermore, when asked if he felt any sadness the day of his mother’s funeral, “I probably did love Maman, but that didn’t mean anything” (p.65). Meursault didn’t feel anything after his mother’s death. His indifferent perspective causes him to feel nothing in life, he receives no meaning from the happiness of marriage or death of a loved one. Camus brings to light an important question for us all to examine in our own life: how does our own perspective contribute to the way we feel and experience life?

3 thoughts on “Perspective in The Stranger

  1. Ma'ayan K

    I agree that Meursault’s disconnection from aspects of his life allows him to be indifferent. However, this also allows him to disregard potential pain and only focus on events that make him happy which I think is interesting.



    I agree with your analysis and find the idea really interesting. It’s true that life is basically what we make of it: how we perceive it is how it is for us. But is it really so easy to believe life is one way when it clearly isn’t? Can our perspective surpass or material circumstances?


  3. Isaac T.

    I agree with your perspective of Meursault’s behavior towards life and how he seems to be careless to everything he does. It brings out an odd feeling about how Meursault isn’t “normal” in the viewpoint of society.


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