Why Meursault Is Content

Meursault should be distraught by the end of The Stranger. After months in prison, he is about to be executed by guillotine with no way out; but he isn’t. In fact, he is perfectly at peace on the night before his death. The reason why Meursault is content is found in Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus”. According to Camus, Sisyphus is happy because his fate is one that he created out of his own free will, and his fate wasn’t imposed on him by someone else. Similarly, in The Stranger, Meursault finds peace because he created his own fate. He realized that he could have done things differently, but it wouldn’t matter because he would inevitably die regardless of the actions he took (121). Ultimately, Meursault finds peace because he realizes that he is in a situation that he created out of his own free will, and because it doesn’t matter that he’s about to die because it would have happened anyway, with the only difference being the where and when.

3 thoughts on “Why Meursault Is Content

  1. Shane C

    I wrote a similar blog post about the end of The Stranger. I agree with the fact that once Meursault accepts his fate, he is able to go peacefully and die of his own free will.


  2. LINA E.

    I like how you connected the novel to “The Myth of Sisyphus.” I also do think why the reason Meursault is content towards the ending is how he described the world as “meaningless” and therefore thinks nothing happens after death.


  3. Nate H

    Your thoughts emphasized the point that Meursault created his own fate, which is something I realize I have not been focusing on. I had been thinking of it as he stumbled into misfortune. I am glad I read your post.


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