Why Saeed and Nadia Were Never Going to Work Out

At the beginning of Exit West, Nadia and Saeed were able to grow their relationship organically. They saw each other when desired and gave each other space when appropriate. However, when war tore apart their country they were forced to live together and then escape their home country together. While this living situation was manageable in the beginning, the lack of personal growth opportunities created an environment of mutual hatred.

This environment of mutual hatred between Nadia and Saeed is not just a problem among them, within the circumstances any “couple” would fall to the same demise. Being forced to live within the same quarters, without the space a blossoming couple needs, is detrimental. Nadia and Saeed were not afforded the ideal situation to grow. Nadia was thrown into the mix with the passing of Saeed’s mother and was almost “adopted” by Saeed’s father. This inadequate situation forced Nadia and Saeed to deal with circumstances a relationship of much longer length would have difficulties navigating. Their fresh relationship was not built for this complicated environment.

With this in mind, it only makes sense that both Nadia and Saeed would grow resentful of each other for the situation that was almost forced upon them. Such complexities only stunted their growth as individuals and a couple, proving the impossible nature of their relationship. In the end, it was bound that their romantic, and even platonic relationship, would fizzle out.

Exit West Analysis On Saeed & Nadia

In Exit West, there has been character growth that Saeed and Nadia both went through. In the beginning, before the migration, there are written as two individuals who have no interaction with one another. Once they have started interacting with each other, they both got along well enough to meet their close ones. Later on, they had developed a relationship with each other and this is where the migration with the both of them begin. When they both have successfully migrated, this is where the spark between them fell. Despite leaving their home country in which is a war-zone at the time, Saeed still longed for the nostalgia his country brought to him. Nadia, on the other hand, believes cutting ties with her home country would be beneficial, including removing Saeed from her life. The character growth in the novel brings a new perspective on how any type of scenario such as migration can affect a person and their connections to others.

Overall Meaning of Migration in Exit West

In Exit West by Mohsin Hamid shows a drastic meaning behind the story line. We can see how two of the protagonists, Nadia and Saeed, fleeting to other countries throughout the novel. There are many points in the book where it shows the difficulties of migration and what it comes with if in that position. Even when successfully fleeting to a new country, there are some obstacles that manage to get in the way which is portrayed in one of the scenes. On page 127, it quotes, “Soon there was a vanload more of them, in full riot gear, and then a car with two more who wore white shirts and black vests and were armed with what appeared to be submachine guns, and on their black vests was the word POLICE in white letters but these two looked to Saeed and Nadia like soldiers.” Even going through migration could lead you back to square one. Perhaps not physically but mentally it can jarr a person such as someone like Nadia and Saeed. It is greatly portrayed how individuals who go through migration and their hardships and obstacles that comes with it are portrayed and written in Exit West.

Country of Origin within Exit West

Exit West attempts to answer the many questions about globalization. Many characters throughout the story struggle to feel at home because of the force of migration. The sudden move to London poses many difficulties for both Nadia and Saeed. Both characters struggle to cope with the new challenges that London brings. Nadia dislikes the migrants from their home country because of past experiences, where as Saeed actively explores his values and moral compass. Over time, both characters develop a sense of respect for their home country and learn to value it in their own way. Nadia finds connection with her people through the council and Saeed finds his place with the other migrants in London. Their experiences are important to note when thinking about the effect of ones home country on their values, actions, and morals.