Country of Origin within Exit West

Exit West attempts to answer the many questions about globalization. Many characters throughout the story struggle to feel at home because of the force of migration. The sudden move to London poses many difficulties for both Nadia and Saeed. Both characters struggle to cope with the new challenges that London brings. Nadia dislikes the migrants from their home country because of past experiences, where as Saeed actively explores his values and moral compass. Over time, both characters develop a sense of respect for their home country and learn to value it in their own way. Nadia finds connection with her people through the council and Saeed finds his place with the other migrants in London. Their experiences are important to note when thinking about the effect of ones home country on their values, actions, and morals.

One thought on “Country of Origin within Exit West

  1. Nate H

    I like how you emphasize the cultural baggage that migrants bring with them. People often time get too focused on where the migrant will and should go, and how it will affect the place where they do end up. The experiences and culture that a migrant brings with them should be acknowledged and appreciated just as much as the culture of the place in which they end up.


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