Exit West Analysis On Saeed & Nadia

In Exit West, there has been character growth that Saeed and Nadia both went through. In the beginning, before the migration, there are written as two individuals who have no interaction with one another. Once they have started interacting with each other, they both got along well enough to meet their close ones. Later on, they had developed a relationship with each other and this is where the migration with the both of them begin. When they both have successfully migrated, this is where the spark between them fell. Despite leaving their home country in which is a war-zone at the time, Saeed still longed for the nostalgia his country brought to him. Nadia, on the other hand, believes cutting ties with her home country would be beneficial, including removing Saeed from her life. The character growth in the novel brings a new perspective on how any type of scenario such as migration can affect a person and their connections to others.

3 thoughts on “Exit West Analysis On Saeed & Nadia

  1. Grace H.

    I agree Lina! I think their relationship was forced to encounter an extremely difficult situation way before they were ready. With this in mind, if they were able to take their relationship at a more traditional pace, they could have reconciled their differences or parted ways without much impact.


  2. Isaac T.

    I agree with this, Saeed and Nadia realize that they would be better off without each other towards the end of the novel. As they both develop throughout the novel, Saeed and Nadia lose feelings and compassion for each other. Their differences are what ultimately drifted them apart.


  3. OLIVIA T.

    I agree, I think that Saeed further connecting to his religion after they migrated was a factor in their separation. Nadia wanted to forget their home country while Saeed wanted to stay connected to it.


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