How a Mirrorball Can Change Your Life:

You can dislike Taylor Swift, but you can’t dismiss the brilliance that goes into some of her pieces.

As a part of her eighth studio album, Folklore, Swift’s Mirrorball takes on multiple different meanings but ultimately speaks to the societal pressure people face to always have to be perfect.

A mirrorball as a physical object is a shining sphere that is held high on the ceiling for people to look at. Its purpose is to reflect light, glisten, and entertain those surrounding it.

In her extended metaphor, Swift says,

“I’m a mirrorball. I’ll show you every version of myself tonight.”

Society holds people to such a high standard that they feel pressure to always have to be on top of their game, whether that’s through a job or a relationship. In the spotlight, everyone knows everything about someone and judges them. A mirrorball is broken into a million pieces, but that’s what makes them shine. It has all eyes watching it. When the light comes off it, it is still on the ceiling doing its job, even when no one is watching.

“Hush, when no one is around, my dear. You’ll find me on my highest heels love, shining just for you,” 

This is also representative of a celebrity feeling the pressure of the public’s eye and their expectations. When they break down, all eyes will be watching them. But when no one is watching, they’re still expected to be perfect.

A mirrorball is fragile, much like a person. Through her extended metaphor, I think Swift is shining light on how much the spotlight/pressure can break someone down. Even if they’re doing everything they can, it’s never good enough.

“spinnin in my highest heels.”

“I can change everything about me to fit in.”

This song resonates with me because I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. I don’t know if it’s because of playing competitive soccer for most of my life, but I am able to connect with the way Swift talks about pressure , internally and externally.

3 thoughts on “How a Mirrorball Can Change Your Life:

  1. Rohan W

    While her music isn’t really my taste, I agree she is an amazing lyricist and has a way of pulling you into her emotions. She can craft compelling and relatable stories in her songs.


  2. Katie G.

    I thought you did a great job of analyzing how the mirrorball represents social pressure and the need to please others. I think that an interesting part of the song is when she is talking about how after everybody leaves and stops looking at her she says “I’m still on that tightrope… I’m still a believer but I don’t know why”. I think that this shows how the need to please others can be so consuming that we tend to lose ourselves in our outward facades. It is hard to know what we really like and who we really are when we are living our whole lives trying to reflect others.


  3. Cate R

    I really enjoy your interpretation of the song. I’ve listened to Mirrorball before but never took the time to understand the meaning. I usually think a celebrity’s life is super glamorous and exciting. I never really thought of all the pressure that comes with it. It’s a refreshing point of view.


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