King Lear, his daughters, and their zodiac signs

*was written before reading acts IV & V*

Reading King Lear has been a lot to say the least. Trying to decode Shakespeare’s language, follow the plot, and keep up with which character is which takes some effort. In the beginning it was hard for me to keep the them all straight, Kent in disguise, Kent not in disguise, Oswald,Burgundy, Regan, Goneril, they all blur together, But after studying them this semester, I see they all have distinct characteristics. I decided I could understand them better if I gave them zodiac signs, because they are very telling. I thought long and hard about who is which zodiac sign, and each one has specific intent. I am using the “USA Today ” definitions of signs. Different websites vary in different explanations of each sign, but USA Today what I chose to use.

King Lear is most definitely an Aries. Aries according to USA Today are bold, lively, and competitive. Which I think is very accurate to Lear. Although senile, and misguided, Lear is incredibly bold with his actions. For example, he is extremely bold for making his daughters profess their undying (and creepy) love to him in order to gain land from him. He is abdicating his role as King yet still wants to be treated as a king with 0 responsibilities as a king. I also think hes very bold for telling his daughters he hopes they become infertile. Additionally he also tries to victimize himself in the situation, which is common with other Aries’. On a positive side, aries’ do have the trait of being warm.I think Lear has this trait, he is very warm towards Fool and Kent when in the hovel. In act III he mentions how much he appreciates them during his big fight with Regan and Goneril.

Secondly is his eldest and middle daughters Goneril and Regan. Personally I think they are the same sign born within mere months of each other . A year apart but within the zodiac time frame of Leo. I think they are Leo’s for a multitude of reasons. A few standout traits I see between Leo’s and the girls is both are self serving, unapologetically ambitious, and charismatic. I find them unapologetically ambitious and self serving during their act II scene IV with King Lear. Although Lear is in the wrong, the way the sisters connivingly cut down Lear’s army and oust him out of essentially his own house is incredible. Additionally it is equally self serving how they have many castles and land but they wont house their own father and his entourage. I do find them charistimc though, they have a flamboyance ( like most Leo’s do) in the way they speak. For example in Act I scene I their professions of love to their father were very extravagent. For example Goneril says ” A love that makes breath poor, and speech unable” and Regan more than agrees with that statement saying ” I am made of that self mettle as my sister”. All of this is which is quite pompous shows how charismatic and enthusiastic they are to be so self serving take what they want.

Finally, Cordelia. Although she has not been heavily featured in the book Cordelia is definitely an Aquarius. She is an Aqaurius for all the right reasons. Aquarius’ just like Cordelia are truthful and intelligent. Cordelia showcases how shes truthful in act I scene I by telling her father how she loves him no less then any daughter should love a father. She says ” I cannot heave my heart into my mouth. I love your majesty According to my bond, no more no less.”. Which is incredibly truthful and honestly a little difficult to say id imagine. I think her saying that is a testament to her integrity and emotional intelligence. She is also brave like an Aquarius because she understands how she has lost her part of the kingdom yet takes it with stride.

I still have more to read in the novel, but i’m confident that these are their signs. Personally, I’m a capircorn, and they are always right so i’m probably right in my assumptions of their signs,’I still have more to read in the novel, but i’m confident that these are their signs. Personally, I’m a capircorn, and they are always right so i’m probably right in my assumptions of their signs. Just kidding.

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