Albany and what he represents

The duke of Albany, husband of Goneril is one of the few characters standing at the end of the play. Why of all characters is he standing. Albany starts off the play as much more of a weak character. He can be seen being basically ordered around by his wife. He can be seen as being meek as he does not stand up for what he believes. This can be observed early on in the play when he says

My lord, I am guiltless as I am ignorant

Of what hath moved you.

This quote shows a number of important things about Albany. This is after his wife his just treated her father king Lear horribly. He seems genuinely confused as to why she treated the king this way, which shows mainly that he is not part of her plans and has no idea what her goal is but also he does not approve and has better morals than his wife. We understand he is a better character morally and does not approve. He loves his wife as he states later but has a hard time looking over what she has done but he does for now. He continues to get pushed around by his wife for the next few acts. Goneril complains she is acting like the man in the relationship because she wants to act quickly but Albany understands they should think it through. 

Albany represents good in the story. He discusses later how he feels bad for Lear and even if he must fight against them he supports the ideas of Cordelia. While Albany might be good he represents how bad can overcome evil. His much more evil wife is able to manipulate him and do what she wants. However Albany grows throughout the play and by the end he is a strong character. He leads an army and wins the battle. Defeat the plot against him set forward by his wife and her new man. He is able to survive the turmoil of the time and the battle because he sticks with his. He stays true to good ideals and this allows him to live at the end and he could even become the king if he wants but he declines it. Albany represents a good character who becomes stronger and stands up for himself. He shows how people can stick to good even when confronted and pushed by lots of evil and manipulation. While he might not seem like the deepest character over the play he goes through great change and represents an important character with many layers. 

A Nasty Woman is a Heroic Man

It’s almost second nature that when a woman in society gains power or influence over others, it is considered distasteful, ugly, and appalling. So too are the characters Goneril and Regan, King Lear’s daughters in William Shakespeare’s tragic play King Lear. They are considered evil, obsessed with power, and want to overthrow their father as King of England. Whereas most readers find this appalling and would align more with the younger sister Cordelia’s character, maybe one should look at this as impressive? The theme of gender roles is a large topic throughout the play. Goneril and Regan are given a negative connotation for wanting the same power as their father. I think many woman in todays society want the same thing. Therefore, Goneril and Regan’s quest maybe is inspiring. Nothing would stop them from their goal even if this meant scheming against their elderly father who they thought was no fit for the thrown. However, if these were brothers they would be viewed as strong, powerful and intelligent characters who were acting in the best interest for the kingdom probably considered a hero. This gender battle probably will never end but if you look at the sisters actions through a different lens the whole story would be altered.