The Irony in Parents Trick Child into eating vegetables by hitting him?

In the Onion an article called Parents “Trick Child Into Eating More Vegetables By Hitting Him If He Doesn’t Eat Vegetables” explains how two parents hit their kid to make him eat his vegetables. In Dayton, Ohio it explains how the parents think they have found the best solution to having his kid eat his vegetables. They decide to hit their kid on the back of the head if he decides to not eat his vegetables. Their explanation to hitting his is so that he is more inclined to eat the vegetables than to “endure the thrashing”. They would tell their son that if they ate the essentials for growing up and to become strong enough he would be able to fight back.

The Irony to this story is that the parents aren’t supposed to be hitting their kids to become stronger. The parents are seemed to be thrashing their son because he is not eating vegetables but in reality the fact is that this doesn’t happen on a normal basses. Beating a kid over not eating vegetables is very unreasonable and it is Irony because it shows the dramatic response for not eating vegetables. Beating a kid is very out of line which would make the irony dramatic.

This article in the Onion shows the dramatic response from a parent doing something that some don’t even believe needs disciplinary actions. It also shows the opposite of what a parent should be treating their child. In the article it says that they have found a good tactic of getting their son to do what they think is right. Which is doing it by hitting him which is the opposite putting a child in pain and forcing them to do something isn’t right and they will resent you. Which is what the article is portraying because at the end it says when they grow up they will be able to defend themselves. Which isn’t a correct relationship to have between a child and a parent. The parent should love and take care of the kid they put into the world and not put them in pain and have them protect themselves from them.

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