Satire of The High School Experience and Stereotypes in 21 Jump Street

The movie “21 Jump Street” released in 2012 unveil the stereotypical dumb attractive man partnered with a smart unappealing man and the unhinged high school experience. “21 Jump street” is about two high school classmates Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) who cross paths at the police academy. Their incompetence and inexperience leads them to a undercover operation at a high school to find a drug dealer who’s dealing acid to students.

The film exaggerates the two main characters roles in the film. Jenko, being the unintelligent and strong cop who can’t comprehend simple instructions given to him when trying to find the drug dealer and ends up almost ruining the operation. Whereas Schmidt seems to be planning out most of the operation and has to assist Jenko for more than half of the film. Another aspect the film exaggerates, is the high school experience. It pokes fun at the high school sociological make-up — who’s popular, who’s not, what kids act like nowadays? — has changed over the years. The film manages to change the stereotypes of trouble makers (the intelligent smart kids making the drugs for the kids). At the end of the film they both catch the drug dealer and make there boss proud.

In conclusion “21 Jump Street” is a satirical film that also uses comedy to showcase teamwork to its audience: anything can be accomplished no matter how dumb or weird you can be, have fun and don’t take things to seriously. The film reminds the audience that it’s a journey to achieve your goal as well as putting your mind to your goal in order to accomplish it.

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