Borat Subsequent Movie Film Satire

In the second film featuring Borat, played by British comedian Sacha Baren Cohen, is a comedic journey from Kazakh to America. Borat is released from the prison sentence he received for bringing shame to his country. He reunites with his feral and sheltered fifteen-year-old daughter and together they lead a comical and revealing journey to America, specifically to find Mike Pence. He plans to offer his daughter to Mike Pence as a gift from his native country. Borat is extremely socially ignorant, awkward, and eager to learn about American culture.

Unlike most films, Borat is one of the only true actors and stayed in character for five days straight. In fact, Borat utilizes dramatic irony in the most extreme sense as most scenes and people filmed are not staged actors but are actually real people unaware they are being filmed for the Borat sequel. Additionally, there is a prevalent use of hyperbole specifically involving an uncomfortable interaction between Borat’s daughter and Rudy Giuliani when she was easily able to interview him. The hyperbole plays into the fact of the ease it was for her to establish herself as a false right-wing journalist, similar to the reporters the Trump administration embraced.

While there are many moments of comedic relief there are also offensive moments that can be considered over the line. Through Borat’s audacious comedy a clear message is depicted, don’t vote for Trump. Given this was released in 2020 there was mass divisive political tension in America regarding the proper handling of Covid-19 and the potential reelection of Donald Trump. It makes a mockery of conspiracy theories, fake news media, and political movements.

The News Makes Me Depressed

A return to form is needed in the new age of ever-increasing digital consumerism and even greater variety in said medium. All this brand-new shiny content is coming at you fast! 24/7, 365 days a year, every hour, every minute, every second, and all of it I have to pay attention to! It’s all too… complex. God! I wish things weren’t so complex! Don’t you hate it when things aren’t spoon-fed to you? When they have depth and nuance? What happened to good ole reliable newspapers? One column from a trusted, corporate, and infallible source was all that was needed! It is of the utmost impertinence that we do our duty as red-blooded American consumers to devour everything in our path. Oh! to return to the bliss of all my news coming from a smooth-talking radio host and a piece of paper every morning instead of from the cold, unfeeling, and calculating screen. Media integrity has been wrought with deceit! I want to see the news, consume the news, and live the news! But not like this? I don’t want to see it all! Y’know what they say! Out of sight, out of mind! What is news besides entertainment anyways? I want a spectacle! I want it to be sensational! I want to see disasters, explosions, and war! (not in my backyard, though) By opening my phone and scrolling through my feed, I’ve seen it all. From papers to radio to phones, the amount of information we are nearly forced to consume gets larger daily! I don’t want to think about what I see, and I don’t want to hear differing viewpoints; I want to hear what I think is true! I don’t want to think about it anymore. I don’t think I like media at all…