Eurovision and Comedy

In the movie ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’, Will Ferrell stars as Lars. Lars is somewhat of a disappointment to both his dad and town: he, despite being pretty old, lives at home and is still chasing his dream of being a famous musician in his Icelandic town. The movie is set up as a rom-com between Lars and his band-mate Sigrit, who is obviously in love with Lars from the beginning.

Throughout the movie, Lars makes many (funny) mistakes. He interacts awkwardly with fellow contestants, fights with Sigrit, and makes a fool of himself onstage countless times. However, no matter how badly he messes up, Lars ends up able to pull through and win. The movie ends with Lars winning the competition and marrying Sigrit, getting his perfect happily-ever-after.

At first glance, this movie is incredibly stupid. Will Ferrell is incredibly awkward and difficult to watch on screen as he makes countless dumb mistakes. Their songs, outfits and badly done accents make the movie even worse, although in a funny way. However, through this juvenile comedic style, the movie is able to convey some important themes and messages.

Lars is a normal guy, living in the town he grew up in and dealing with things like the loss of his mother. He faces relentless bullying from people in his town, but no matter what, refuses to give up on his dreams. He also has normal flaws, often being self-centered, putting his own wants before those of Sigrit’s and refusing to change his mind. While the themes and lessons the movie teaches are best suited for a younger audience, they can truly apply to anyone. The movie encourages its viewers to be authentically themselves, chase their dreams no matter how old you are and allowing yourself to be happy. This movie, like most other comedies, might be sniffed at due to its lack of seriousness. But, it is through that very lack that it is able to engage audiences and showcase cheesier themes that may otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

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