The Freedom of the Lego Movie

‘The Lego Movie’, starring Chris Pratt is a movie about an construction worker named Emmett who tries his best to be ordinary and fit in with his peers. His job as a construction worker reinforces that role, as anyone who has built Legos knows that you must always follow the instructions. This film uses comedy to display how constantly following the rules, or doing what is expected of you is boring and makes you an uninteresting person, while the ‘master builders’ or those who can create something out of nothing with just a simple idea, are idolized for their abilities by society.

This film follows Aristotle definition of comedy, with Emmett starting off the movie with no status what so ever, and ending the film as a master builder and the savior of his town. Additionally, his path is quite noble, as he sacrifices himself in order to save his friends in time of need, and is somehow mystically brought back to life. In the end he defeats the antagonist and reunited with his friends as a hero, signifying his massive increase in status. While all this is adds to the film being perceived as a comedy, the decision to make the story Legos as well as appealing to a much younger audience is a genius way to push the message that it’s oaky to disregard societal norms and systems that we have in place ,and to ignore the ‘instructions’ and find your own way in life with your own original idea is heroic.

2 thoughts on “The Freedom of the Lego Movie

  1. Bella M.

    The Lego Movie has always been a personal favorite of mine, the story really takes the idea of the ´Average Joe ´ and makes it funny in a satirical fashion. Good points!


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