Dear Miss Trapeze

Dear Miss Trapeze,

I have often struggled with using the bathrooms at OPRF due to social pressure and anxiety. Do you have any advice for getting more comfortable using them or alternative methods?

Dear Writer,

Similarly, I have found myself bored, disgusted, or overwhelmed using our bathrooms, but fear not, I have a variety of solutions. These are distractions for taking your mind off of the panel dripping unknown liquid from the ceiling. For the creator or writer, take note of each mark on the walls. Studies have found that coloring can help reduce stress; use this to your advantage. You, too can contribute to our collaborative art pieces in the bathroom. Bring a pen or marker with you and the sky is the limit; feel free to draw or write on the stalls, floor, ceiling, or even mirrors! Some wonderfully meaningful words I have seen in the stalls are as follows: “<–poop alone poop with friends–>” If you aren’t artistically inclined, there are still plenty of other pastime activities. This next one is only for those who use the women’s restrooms: press those little buttons on the menstrual product dispenser. These are free, so using them excessively is encouraged; for a fun game, see how fast you can make the dispenser run out of inventory (my personal record is 28 seconds.) Make sure to tamper with all of them before throwing them away so that people can’t use them. This next activity involves peer cooperation, but can boost morale and companionship between you and your friends. Using a vaporizer in the bathroom not only helps make the room wonderfully fragrant, but also adds lovely fog for ambience! Passing the vape around betwixt your peers makes them think of you fondly during this bonding session. Sharing is caring, after all! I hope fun adventures await your next bathroom visit, dear writer.


Miss Trapeze

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