Mrs. Doubtfire Comedy

The classic 1993 comedy starring Robin Williams is the epitome of Aristotle’s definition of comedy. Robin Wiliams’s character, Daniel, is the protagonist and devises an elaborate plan with his brother to be able to see his children with whom he has little access to. He dresses as an older lady, complete with prosthetics and dentures and convinces his ex-wife to hire him as a nanny. His nanny persona is accompanied by the name “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and with the help of his experiences as “Mrs. Doubtfire” he becomes a better man and parent. His plan goes up in flames when both “Mrs. Doubtfire” and his true self have to be in the same place at the same time. 

Aside from ridiculous moments and offbeat scenes, the plot follows Aristotle’s definition of comedy through the fall and rise of the protagonist. Daniel’s unfortunate circumstances allow the audience to garner sympathy for his situation. It is clear Daniel is going through a rough patch, and with the help of his brother his fortune appears to look up as he is able to deceive his ex-wife and spend time with his children. However this is unsustainable, and his true identity is revealed which leads to the fall of Daniel once again. The movie concludes with Daniel regaining his fortune and making amends with his family. Mrs. Doubtfire reveals the pain of divorce and the differing gender roles of families.