Capitalization Importance

In “Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead” written by Olga Tokarczuk writes the story through the point of view of Janina. Janina is a very big activist and cares a lot about animals and nature. As Janina tells the story she capitalizes many words that do not need to be capitalized. For example; Night, Dog, Deer, Death, Punishment, Soul, and many more words. A discussion question we had in class was “Why do you think capitaliztion is used in this manner”. I think that it is used for many reasons. The first reason to put emphasis on these words because they are important to the story and in a way reveal what is going to happen. We find out that at the end of the book Janina killed all of those people because they were harming animals. The words that were capitalized were the names of the animals, emotions she felt, and what she is going to do. This words symbolized what was going to happen in a way. I also feel that for some of the words, not for all of the but a few that it emphasizes her values and what is important o her. Every name of an animal is capitalized and animals are something that are important and mean a lot to her.

3 thoughts on “Capitalization Importance

  1. Grayson A.

    We have talked SOOO much about capitalization and Tokarczuk making this choice — I think you give such compelling reasons for as to why this narrative technique is made! Great job.


  2. Bella M.

    Tokarczuk really chose a unique and new approach by using this stylistic choice. Even though we’ve spent so much time talking about it there is still so much to speculate about its meaning and purpose. Lovely Post!


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