DYPOBD and The Dilemma

In Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead the theme of revenge is explored with Janina; the protagonist of the book, enacting revenge by murdering people in her community who have poached or hunted animals for sport. There is issue with this form of vengeance as there is a moral dilemma between the killings of animals vs. people. Janina believes that every life is important while she ignores an established hierarchy within the animal kingdom. She understands that there is a destructive power to nature itself but doesn’t fully actualize or realize how brutal nature is with the absence of humans. This is not to say that people should go around killing any animal for fun as I don’t believe that’s right.

There is census data that shows us that populations of specific animals need to be preserved but also controlled in numbers. The issue I take is that we as a society have not discussed these moral issues and topics which result in an inner conflict and moral dilemma when reading the book. On one hand, Janina’s dogs were killed by Big Foot, the Commandant, Innerd, the President, and Father Rustle, and seeing as they are domestic animals and assuming that she has had an established relationship with these animals, does it justify their deaths? Is Ecofeminism not rooted in the preservation of all life?

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