The symbolization of dreams and spirituality in “Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead”

Throughout the novel “Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead” by Olga Tokarczuk, there are mentions of the main protagonist, Janina, having dreams relating to spirituality and communicating through them. In Janina’s mentality, she views the dreams as a representation of spirits on another plane of existence is trying to reach out to her and warn her of what’s yet to come.

In a deeper sense, we can start understanding of what the true reason of her dreams are that could have been manifested from her anxiety, uncertainness and surreal reality of her present life. She believed that humans were to be judged if something were to have happened and how the natural world is to be sacred, including animals which had a powerful impact to the novel. She sees these living, breathing creatures as a part of her and part of spirituality as it played a significant role. The novel presents a meaning and a purpose of the true reality hidden by Janina’s view of spirituality. It explores the proper nature of humanity and the importance of the uprising destructive impact that had occurred through the story. This ties into her vivid and surreal dreams as a message towards the readers that there are multiple differing ways to find their own version of true meaning of life, even if it is through spirituality or other forms of beliefs.

Overall, the portrayal of Janina of her dreams and spirituality mentality that tied together, has been shown drastically throughout the novel and left an impression for the reader. The reader gains the ability to understand and view from Janina’s eyes of how it is like to imagine a reality through another belief, such as spirituality. As well as having the understanding of how the novel presented a message towards the audience and highlighted of how Janina’s communications through her dreams came to be based on the natural world.

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