Musician Lupe Fiasco released a song called Wave File on his album Drogas wave https://genius.com. The central idea of the song is when blacks were on slave ships they would jump off the ships and become one with the sea and create pathways back to Africa. “Get back to our nation, oh Lord

So we walkin’ back to Africa

And I found a detour to the seashore

Yes, jumped off the deck

To leave footsteps on the depths of the seafloor”, And how black society is angry that Poseidon the God of the ocean allowed slave owners to use the sea to steal them and put them into slave trades “Poseidon apologized and said that I’m sorry, we’re shelter

Y’all can live down here forever”. This line shows the poseidons affection for blacks so he offers them a chain of an eternal afterlife in the sea. He also speaks on Africans speaking with the trees to figure out why they were allowed to use their wood for boats and heat to take blacks away from their land this shows that the trees feel ashamed and want to offer them wood for shelter. He uses personification to show the connection between nature and man. Later in the 4th verse, he talks about how the stars went against them with lines like “ Conversations with the constellations While you navigate the haters, black baby alligator baiters Supposed to do greater” saying that the stars should have been warning them about who was coming but instead guided those who did wrong by them to their homeland. He uses personification to show the relationship through the help and affect the starts had during slavery when escaping slavery. And in return, the stars would form specific shapes to help slaves escape to freedom during slavery and give them the ability to accomplish great things with their time here. Throughout the song Fiasco’s Audience is towards blacks themselves and other races who want to see things from a different perspective.

Is She Wrong?

Throughout the time of slavery, many people did the unthinkable by taking their own lives or their children’s lives just to keep them out of the hands of a slave owner. Sethe makes that ultimate choice but is she wrong from taking the life of her child Baby Suggs.

Sethe puts her child baby Suggs to rest after the slave catcher comes to take them back to slavery. Sethe feels that if she out hurts her child from the pain of slavery she can save her child from the time and trama of everything she had to endure doing her time on sweet home’s plantation. Paul D felt she was being an “Animal” and could have easily run before taking the life of her child but is she wrong or is she right the question is why is she wrong and why is she right. She is right from the perspective that no one wants to see someone that they love and care to be placed into a system that works them and destroys them from the inside out. Sethe was not trying to find an easy way out for her kids but find a better way for them to be free and go to the next phase of life. Here is where some might feel she is wrong for killing her child since she has two feet and not four and could have easily run until she reached safety or gave it a fighting chance to make it out safely. Sethe took the choice of her childhood growing up and being able to make it through life without being enslaved. Even if Baby Suggs was enslaved she could have still possible made it out by escaping sweet home even though it would not be easy, it was not impossible since her mother and others in the community were able to escape as well.

Sethe chose to take baby Sugg’s life he choice was not a selfish choice but it was also a somewhat non-moral choice to decide to take another’s life. So is Sethe wrong or was she right for her decision it’s up to you and how you look at it from different non-bias perspectives.

Did Nadia And Saeed Ever Love Each Other?

In the story Exit West by Mohsin Hamid shows that in the extreme and deadly city Nadia and Saeed seem to fall in love based on normal reasons for example behavior and looks. As the war increases and spreads further into the city causing deaths you see a change in the relationship between the young couple. The relationship becomes more forced like when Saeed’s mother passes away and no one speaks much it began to set a principle for dislocated conversations and communication. When Nadia promised Saeed’s dad to stay with him she made this promise until they made it to a new piece of land through the doors Saeed meets a prests daughter that he began to like and the same went for Nadia; this shows that even though a war and through a promise neither off the two characters actually felt true love but a need to want to be together only to reach a place for them to be able to find their way and be able to leave each other in separate worlds as they were before they meet .

Is Existentialism Really The Right Way To Live?

 In the story “The Stranger” by Albert Camus throughout the entire story Camus shows Meursault as a nonchalant and non connected emotion based person towards everyone he is around. Meursault does not seem to think too hard about his mother’s death since he feels that he should not have to be so dramatic like every other person in society. This type of ideology is an okay way to feel but when Meursault is asked if he wanted to get married or loves Marie he does not seem to care or even interested in the conversation. This type of reaction from Meursault is almost manipulative since throughout the story he would say he wanted her but when she would want more he would say he didn’t care. In society a person would be looked at as manipulative towards people even if the other person like meursault was just being brutally honest.

Throughout the story, Meursault does not show that he is sad nor does he show the desire to better his own life at work he just feels that life without desire is more meaningful than following social norms. The idea that achieving things in life is pointless kind of makes living uneventful if you can not achieve things in life you really won’t be able to find a true happy version of yourself. If a person lives life as an existentialist they won’t ever truly be happy they would just be breathing with no direction it would only leave you lonely with no peace.

Is Mutual Recognition Achieved in “Secret Woman”

In the short story “Secret Woman” by Sidonie Gabrielle Collete is about how a Husband finds out that his wife is not as perfect as he originally perceived her as. Throughout the story, the husband viewed his wife as perfect and innocent up until he caught her at a sexual mascarade party interacting with different people. He never thought that she would come to the party since she wrote off the invite but, in return caused the husband to walk away from her without her noticing his presence in the party.

To me, the idea of the husband walking away shows that he has come to terms with her not being whom she portrayed her self as throughout the story. the husband found mutual recognition since he realized that she was not the “almond” like women that he used to love but the very complex women with “Satanic hands” that he witnessed in the mascarade party. This shows that the wife is much more than just a stereotypical woman but a more free person and that when she is around her husband she has a mask on to hide her differences and characteristics that he is uncomfortable with.

I also feel that mutual recognition is found when the husband begins to follow his wife around the party waiting to see what man she came to the party to see and finds that she is alone but still with everyone physically. He finds that his wife is capable of doing things on her own without a dominating figure above her head controlling her every move.

Therefore the husband had no choice but to respect and understand that his wife was no longer under his control and that she was able to do whatever she felt she needed at that moment. It also made the husband realize that even he was living a lie for lying to his wife but lying to himself that his wife was perfect.