Corruption in Power

The journey to power is corrupting but once power is gained, loyalty is lost and deceit takes its course. Think about Lear and his daughters. They lied about the amount of love they had for him just to obtain power. He had nothing but love for his daughters. When they obtained the power they then took his remaining authority and his rights. This corruption eventually led to Lear’s death. Corruption today ties back to our government. Power has responsibilities that challenges ones integrity and morality. Without loyalty power remains corrupt.

Dear Mama

“Dear Mama”, Tupac, Me Against the World. Poems are stories being expressed in an intense way. Poetry has its own language. The raw material in poetry is similar to those in the rap “Dear Mama”. The rap does have rhythm like any other poem would but it is also telling the story in a touching way. Poetry gives intense emotions and in the song Tupac describes his gratitude bluntly. In poems there is usually a deeper connection with the narrator. Tupacs develop a deeper connection with the listener can relate to him. His background influences the slang used in the song. In the song he expresses his gratitude towards his mother because her struggle inspired him. It is a song for people who has and is struggling in society.

Everything will be alright if you hold on
It's a struggle every day, gotta roll on

“Gotta roll on” simply means keep moving forward. People write stories about hard times or things they appreciate, poems are the long story short. The song tells the story of a struggle and appreciation in the amount of three verses as long as a poem. This line is an example of how Tupac uses slang the listener can relate to. Saying “gotta roll on” instead of keep moving forward not only gives the poem rhythm, but it also is the language created for the speaker and the listener. The listener is usually from the same background, being raised by a single mother who through the struggle made miracles. The song is written in code just as poetry is.

Media and Global Others

The media is the source we look to for information on other countries. The media plays the biggest role in news about global others. Never directly hearing from these countries we always get the half of it (the news). The media portrays countries from their perspective. We rarely hear good news of these others. We rely n the media too much. Other countries have problems and we only hear about the consequence. The media is known for shining a negative light on these global others. The media tells you the daily so you can continue your normal day. Why should be reply on the perspective of the media to hear about other countries when we could get our own. The media reports the news but never when it’s bad they offer help. Our influences comes from the media. Everyday life for people in other countries are documented and these documents are also sad or violent. We always get someone else’s perspective regardless because the media, documentaries, and movies are the roles and where are information on global others is acquired.

what is love

Meursault is infatuated by Marie but he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t believe in love. He knows he likes having her around and he enjoys her company but love is a no. He makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in love because he doesn’t love his mother. Some may think that is harsh but thinking like Meursault it makes perfect sense. He feels life is meaningless and random. He enjoys what should be enjoyed with the thought of everything being temporary. He goes with the flow of life. He doesn’t invest too much emotion in situations that aren’t his. He views love as fictional.

into self discovery

The book I read over summer break was called “Don’t wait till I die to love me” which is about of poems. The poems are poems of self discovery which involves poems about love heartbreak and moving on. What I liked most about the poems were that they were relatable and I have been on a journey of self discovery myself. I read the book three times to take notes on the poems. Something I took from the book is there are ups and downs on this journey which I also personally know. People will come and go contributing to your journey. It is okay to love and to hurt but you have to remember life goes on. Everyone has there own paths and you will cross paths with people you don’t want to lose but everything happens for a reason. On your worse days it is important to try to think positive because it won’t last forever, you will get trough it. One thing I disliked was some poems were too short and needed more said. There was short simple ones that made sense and were powerful in there own way. I do recommend this book to everyone especially those who are struggling with self discovery.

Who is Jeff?

Jeff was a subject in a dangerous experiment, but Jeff was also human. He found himself caring for other people as humans despite there past. He was able to escape the system, though it was a harsh way he was now free.