what is love

Meursault is infatuated by Marie but he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t believe in love. He knows he likes having her around and he enjoys her company but love is a no. He makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in love because he doesn’t love his mother. Some may think that is harsh but thinking like Meursault it makes perfect sense. He feels life is meaningless and random. He enjoys what should be enjoyed with the thought of everything being temporary. He goes with the flow of life. He doesn’t invest too much emotion in situations that aren’t his. He views love as fictional.

into self discovery

The book I read over summer break was called “Don’t wait till I die to love me” which is about of poems. The poems are poems of self discovery which involves poems about love heartbreak and moving on. What I liked most about the poems were that they were relatable and I have been on a journey of self discovery myself. I read the book three times to take notes on the poems. Something I took from the book is there are ups and downs on this journey which I also personally know. People will come and go contributing to your journey. It is okay to love and to hurt but you have to remember life goes on. Everyone has there own paths and you will cross paths with people you don’t want to lose but everything happens for a reason. On your worse days it is important to try to think positive because it won’t last forever, you will get trough it. One thing I disliked was some poems were too short and needed more said. There was short simple ones that made sense and were powerful in there own way. I do recommend this book to everyone especially those who are struggling with self discovery.

Who is Jeff?

Jeff was a subject in a dangerous experiment, but Jeff was also human. He found himself caring for other people as humans despite there past. He was able to escape the system, though it was a harsh way he was now free.