The Role Society Plays on a Person

In “Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead” written by Olga Tokarczuk writes a story about an older woman whos name is Janina and has these thoughts and opinions about certain aspects of the world others don’t really care for. As the story begins Janina and her neighbor Oddball find their other neighbor dead. She goes through her life being sort of poor ended living in a small town of northern Poland. She gets upset by certain actions that people in her life make and do. And when she tries to do something or take action she gets put down by the society she lives in.

Janina is an old woman who believes in Astrology and the rights for animals just as much as humans. As some hunters start to kill and shoot at animals this enrages Janina. Janina starts to get upset and tell the hunters that they aren’t allowed to do so in the town or by her property. The men who are hunters just brush her off and call her crazy because she cares about something small in their eyes. When Janina gets this she goes to the Police in the center of the city. As she gets there she talks to the commandant and asks what they can do to stop the killing of animals. But it is Poland and men are doing their hobby and making a big deal out of this is a pain and crazy to the men and the society she lives in. The Commandant says that he can’t really do anything and she starts to go on a rant and yelling at everyone and then the whole town and community starts to see how crazy she is. But it makes her want revenge and want to take action because she can’t get anyone to do anything that she thinks is so terrible. The society that Janina lives in makes her change her ways of doing things and start to take action because she is so positive that she is correct that she won’t let her society make her think otherwise.

Society and Gender in Raising the Red Lantern

In the move Raising the Red Lantern there are very key moments and times that clearly show the society and how they operate and what the roles of men and woman had. Songlian a young woman who father had just died moves to the masters household and becomes the fourth mistress one out of four. After she settles in she begins to live the life of a mistress and fight over the masters attention and his time. But after a year of living the live she goes insane. Which shows how important roles that effect the woman living in a society created for men.

At the beginning of the movie when Songlian becomes a mistress she doesn’t understand the point of having the master around her and being around him. She just does her own thing and learns about the other three mistresses and the household. There is a shift in her ideals and mindset when she finds her servant sleeping with the master in her bed. When this happens a big toll gets put on her and how she thinks of the master. But the master uses his power over her and he knows that she needs to stay there because her family is poor and has to marry rich. Knowing this fact Songlian starts to sabotage the other mistresses. She even lies to the master which is against the rules of the household.

Overall the movie was a very good movie, it was something different and a movie that was very unique and the way it told the story was very well and directed very well. It was very noticeable of the ideas of the movie of how the society worked and how it benefited the mistresses, but mainly the men who was the master and it works in patriarchal society even though it would benefit the woman’s lives who live there.

The Irony in Parents Trick Child into eating vegetables by hitting him?

In the Onion an article called Parents “Trick Child Into Eating More Vegetables By Hitting Him If He Doesn’t Eat Vegetables” explains how two parents hit their kid to make him eat his vegetables. In Dayton, Ohio it explains how the parents think they have found the best solution to having his kid eat his vegetables. They decide to hit their kid on the back of the head if he decides to not eat his vegetables. Their explanation to hitting his is so that he is more inclined to eat the vegetables than to “endure the thrashing”. They would tell their son that if they ate the essentials for growing up and to become strong enough he would be able to fight back.

The Irony to this story is that the parents aren’t supposed to be hitting their kids to become stronger. The parents are seemed to be thrashing their son because he is not eating vegetables but in reality the fact is that this doesn’t happen on a normal basses. Beating a kid over not eating vegetables is very unreasonable and it is Irony because it shows the dramatic response for not eating vegetables. Beating a kid is very out of line which would make the irony dramatic.

This article in the Onion shows the dramatic response from a parent doing something that some don’t even believe needs disciplinary actions. It also shows the opposite of what a parent should be treating their child. In the article it says that they have found a good tactic of getting their son to do what they think is right. Which is doing it by hitting him which is the opposite putting a child in pain and forcing them to do something isn’t right and they will resent you. Which is what the article is portraying because at the end it says when they grow up they will be able to defend themselves. Which isn’t a correct relationship to have between a child and a parent. The parent should love and take care of the kid they put into the world and not put them in pain and have them protect themselves from them.

The Realist in King Lear (Cordelia)

The Tragedy of King Lear is the story of how King Lear lost his power by giving it to his ungrateful daughters. King Lear wants to know if his daughters are in the right enough to be able to control the land and Britain. But by giving the two ungrateful daughters the power they throw England into chaos. Two of the daughters Regan and Goneril both show their love to Lear by talking about their love to him. But in reality they didn’t and were just faking and the only one who saw that was the youngest daughter Cordelia. When asked by Lear about her love for him she didn’t say anything and said “nothing”. At the time Lear was upset at Cordelia for not respecting his wishes and not loving him. Lear banishes her for not saying what he expected like her sisters would but Cordelia saw their fake love and knew she loved her father unconditionally. Unlike her sisters who were power hungry and selfish.

As Cordelia gets banished she comes back towards the end of the play and Lear is sorry and realizes that she was right. That Cordelia was the only daughter who truly loved her father. She is much younger than her sisters and is seen as perfect and pure in almost every scene she is in. In the play she barely speaks and it makes her so that she is seen as one with good morals and does everything right because people with a lot of lines are seen as bad or not as good as others who don’t speak and are in line with the roles of their lives. Regan and Goneril are seen as monsters and inherit the power and they have a lot of problems because they aren’t prepared to be in a position of power because they don’t really know what their doing. While Cordelia knows most of the time what to do when she is in a problem. But she is never the cause of the problem because she is operating on what she thinks is right not what she wants. Which makes Cordelia a Realist in King Lear.

The importance of Cool It Now

Cool It Now is a hit song from the 1980’s by the band New Edition. When I first listened to this I instantly knew why it was a hit song. From the catchy beat and the amazing usage of words telling a story of the lead singer Ralph and his obsession with a girl. With his friends trying to keep him in check the song creates a poetic feature of how Ralph wants to live his life.

My friends say I'm love sick 'cause I
All I keep thinking about is her in my arms
(Got to see what love is all about)
And I won't be the same until she is mine
And my friends keep telling me to

This is the speaker or Ralph speaking about how his friends think that he is in love and he doesn’t know what he is doing. But in reality he does and he is just really attracted to a girl. With the fact that he is telling himself that he wants to get with this girl really bad and that he won’t be the same without her. Which is a multidimensional aspect of the story because his physical relationship would start with a woman. While achieving the mental aspect of winning the girl he has been desiring and really wanted to get with.

Cool it now
You got to cool it now
Oh watch out
You're gonna lose control
Cool it now
You better slow it down 
Slow it down
You're gonna lose control

This section is right after the first stanza of the song which is the one above. This section is the chorus of all Ralphs friends and telling him to cool it and be cool. But also at the same time trying to get him to not fall in love because he is so young. As well as what he says later in the song as trying to control his life and what he does. It could be some type of jealousy but it is defensibly his friends just looking out for him because he is so obsessed with the girl.

Why you all coming down on me
Tryin' to tell me how my life is supposed to be 
I know you're only trying to help me out
Tryin' to show me what life is really about 
But this time I'm gonna make it on my own
So why dontcha fellaz just leave me alone
Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike
If I like the girl who cares who you like

This is towards the end of the song and it cuts back to Ralph and him explaining that he can make his own decisions. By telling his friends that he has it under control and that he wants to try to get with this girl. And he tells them that he knows they are trying to help but he has it on his own. Also naming all of them showing that he cares about this girl and doesn’t care what his friends have to say or what they like in general when it comes to the girl he wants.

Altogether, the band New Edition makes an amazing song that is definitely a poem through the powerful messages and the way it was created with the diction together and really gives us an understanding of a young life and being able to cool it.

Does The Stranger Covery True Happiness

In life people believe that happiness is from aspects of life like love, family, and being successful. But in life the real things that exist are pain and suffering which creates these other aspects like love and family. Although the aspects of life create a shadow over the real things that exist in the world. And because of this achieving true happiness is much more difficult than understand how it works. Because one of the ways to achieve true happiness is understanding one’s life and what they are made to do in the world. But also being able to be contempt with themselves and how they live in this world which is a very terrible one to live in because of the hardships. So being able to do these things and make this realization creates one true happiness.

In The Stranger by Albert Camus he portrays the main character Meursault as someone with no feelings and is a weird individual. In the beginning of the story Meursault’s mother dies and he has a hard time dealing with it, but does not feel remorse in the moment or even later in the story until the end. When he makes his realization that the world is a cruel place and his feelings about certain aspects of life are more twisted than what one would expect from a “normal person”. Through the story there are different aspects of life that are made in different ways but are fully developed through the pain and suffering in life which are the main aspects of how life is lived and figuring that aspect out is how to achieve happiness in the accursed world. Towards the end of the story he makes a realization that the death penalty is what he deserved and what his position is in the world and what his purpose was in this world. Because he died happy understanding the his life and how the world works and how his life played out and his fate was set and his realization allowed him to achieve true happiness.

This explains how The Stranger expresses true happiness and how when the main character Meursault finally achieves true happiness because he makes the realization of his life and his purpose in this life. Once he made the realization of the pain and suffering that this world brings on people he lived in. He was able to understand his purpose and what his life played out for him. Which allowed him to die happy because of the way he was able to understand the true aspects of life.

The Idea of Winning and Losing

When reading “202 Checkmates” there is a clear sense of winning and losing in chess. From the dynamic of the daughter always losing to the father in chess. Because the father was always better than her in the game. As one plays a game they by time eventually get better and better. Also with help can make that process increase exponentially.

In the story the daughter meets a man at the park his name is Manny. He is an extraordinary chess player who was very good at chess. Who had beat the father three times in a row after the father had beaten the daughter. The daughter had never seen her father lose in chess before. It was a shocker to her seeing her father get obliterated by another because she always thought her father was amazing and couldn’t be beaten. As she still was learning the game she was taught that having one of the pawns make it fully to the other side can turn into a queen. Because when she played she always protected her queen more than her king. When the aim of the game is to go for the king not the queen. After she told how important that was it wasn’t till the 202nd the daughter and father played. That she found an opening to turn her pawn into a queen. But she also had the opportunity to checkmate her father with other pieces and finally win. But since she was transforming in real life she wanted the queen more than winning. And she felt accomplished by turning the pawn into a queen more than beating her father. It wasn’t about winning or losing because she was able to do what she wanted to have done and that was good enough for her.

The ideas of Benjamin and her ways of Power

Jessica Benjamin argues that the key to freedom is through intersubjectivity and those who seek powerful figures early on. She believes that the people who submit power as well as exercise the usage of power are more dominant. The struggle for power in most cases is between the father and the son and it resonates from that into real life situations. There are steps to show the structure of how power forms and the domination of power as well. Jessica firmly believes that opposite sexs have different sorts of power but that one always has less than the other in certain situations. In order to understand the split between femininity and masculinity there must be critics of the masculine side but also the feminine side. But then to also to be focused on the power and dualistic structure between the two major factors. The Binary usage between many ideas that she has is very important to look at comparing two different types of people and seeing what they can and what they cant do to show which one of them has more power over the other. Because there will always be leaders and there will always be followers.