Couple Problems

While reading Exit West, I thought that this story was going to end with a simple happy ending. Where the two main characters fall in love despite all the problems going on and live happily ever after. But Hamid took a different route in writing this story. As a reader, it was sad but not truly surprising to see the falling out of Saeed and Nadia. Throughout the book, it started to become clear about the relationship problems both of the characters were having. As time went on, they just realized that they were not meant for each other.

The time where I knew the relationship was coming to an end was when they began to take time apart from each other. The sad truth about this is, time apart doesn’t mend a relationship, but only makes it worse. When a problem occurs, you don’t give the problem some space and hopefully when you come back it will be resolved. This is a big reason why there was a downfall between Nadia and Saeed. You can never truly fix any sort of problem with time and space. That’s one quick way to more problems.

Nature’s Effect on Meursault

Throughout the novel, The Stranger, Meursault is known to give bland and emotionless responses to the people around him that makes him look like he is not interested. But there are many times in the story where he is more interested in nature and the outdoors than the things going on in his life. For example, the trial he is going through towards the end of the story. Meursault is on trial for murdering a man, but as the trail goes on and with “all the long speeches”, he can’t help himself and starts to imagine a “colorless swirling” that wounds up making him dizzy.(104) Also during the trail, he states that the reason for the crime he committed was because of the sun. There are other moments in the novel where he brings up nature and mainly the sky and the sun, but I am still trying to figure out the significance. Or maybe there isn’t even a deeper meaning. But seeing how Meursault acts and how he is as a person, I’m not surprised if he would drift off and try to escape the situations he is placed in.

Meursault & Marie 

Throughout Part 1 of, The Stranger, I was quick to realize the strange actions of Meursault. His emotionless, introverted, and bland personality is a warning sign in itself. But somehow, he is able to attract others to him even though his actions are questionable. For example, on page 41-42, Marie asks Meursault to marry him. He responds with, “it didn’t make any difference to me and that we could if she wanted to.” Later on on the next page, Marie calls him peculiar but, “that was probably the reason why she loved me”. While reading this story and this passage especially, I thought it was strange how even though he gave this response to Marie’s marriage proposal, she still loves him for who he is and how he acts.

In today’s society, people with personalities and characteristics like Meursault, are over looked by others that have extroverted and lavish lifestyles. As I kept reading Part 1, I was able to realize that no matter how you act, or how you display yourself towards others, anyone has the ability to attract others to them. Whether it’s because of something external or internal, Meursault has a spark that the people who he interacts with see in him.