Wise Woman

Hamid writes,

She learned how to dress for self-protection, how best to deal with aggressive men and with the police, and with aggressive men who were the police, and always to trust her instincts about situations to avoid or to exit immediately.


After reading this sentence I was utterly drawn to the character, Nadia. She is a brave individual that defies social norms by moving out of her family’s house before getting married. She learned how to be independent and flourish in a world where women are taken advantage of. She reminds me of women today; people who know the odds are against them but don’t let that stop their ambition.

Naive Country People

After reading this story I believe Flannery O’Connor created the bible salesman to show Mrs. Hopewell’s character or mindset of thinking she is superior to everyone else makes her naive. At first, this man seemed religious, salt of the earth, hard working and kind: however, we learn that he wasn’t what he seemed. He was the exact opposite. Mrs. Hopewell believes that she is a good judge of character and that she knows what is and what isn’t good. She believes good country people are simple and even beneath her. She describes the bible salesman “Lord she said, he bored me to death but he was so sincere and genuine I couldn’t be rude to him. He was just good country people, you know,” she said, “just the salt of the earth.” She thinks that because the man said he was selling bibles to makes ends meet she believes she was better than him. This mindset caused her to not really see his true character and instead they were taken advantage of.

Applying Jessica Benjamin’s Theory From Bonds of Love to the Real World

Benjamin’s theory makes clear what I always knew was there. I always knew there were relationships like teacher and student, man and woman, adult and child but now Benjamin’s theory is making me realize that these are binaries and there is more behind it than I thought. She says that in order for someone to have power over another, someone has to submit therefore, there needs to be domination and submission. For example teacher and student. The dominating role is the teacher and the submissive role is the student. With good grades or gaining knowledge as an incentive, students will listen and do what their teachers say. Teachers technically can’t tell the student exactly what to do but the students choose to listen because they know it will benefit them. This gives overwhelming control to teachers and can dictate a lot in students’ lives. Benjamin’s point is important to understand because there have been many times in my life that I have unknowingly submitted to power which is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes these relationships can turn harmful. Therefore understanding this concept I can choose to not submit if it is unhealthy, causes me harm or is unnecessary for me to succeed.