How do you know if you are compatible as lovers

Throughout the book Exit West, we see Nadia and Saeed grow together throughout their very long and tiring journey. They start at square one and from there slowly build their relationship as they continue forward. They face many hardships and many challenges along the way yet they always make sure that they stay together. Even though they stayed lovers throughout the whole journey in the end they still only ended up being friends. Their relationship was never built around love but rather the idea that they felt they had to stay together to survive. In the story, it was said, “But while fear was part of what kept them together for those first few months in Marin, more powerful than fear was the desire that each see the other find firmer footing before they let go, and thus in the end their relationship did in some senses come to resemble that of siblings, in that friendship was its strongest element, and unlike many passions, theirs managed to cool slowly, without curdling into its reverse, anger, except intermittently¨(204). The elements of the relationship were more of a best friend or sibling type of correlation and really never resembled lovers. What interests me is why they didn´t realize this earlier. From the start of the book, you could tell that some of their morals and beliefs were different and I think that is what really separates people, is the things that they believe in and have passion for. I think that this can have a big correlation to society now. So many people get divorced now because they realized that they are much better off as friends rather than lovers. But how do you realize this so early? It’s a tough thing to do definitely because it takes time to really get to know someone and realize if they are really the one for you. In my opinion, people now should start getting married at a later age and just date their lover for a longer amount of time until they know if they are a real true love or if they are just a really good friend in the end. This will help lower the insanely high divorce rate that we have currently. Nadia and Saeed are an example of this idea that you can be so close with someone that you love them, but not a lover way, rather more as a friendship way.

Is Prison Meursault´s Real Home?

Throughout that book its clear that Meursault is a very down in the dumps type of person. He is completely emotionless, soulless, heartless, etc. It almost seems as if he really does´t want to be on this planet. Now when he winds up in prison he finds himself bored and confused on what to do with his time. To me I feel as if prison is maybe a good place for Meursault. In the outside world he always finds him self complaining or not wanting to do something, or simply just wanting to be by himself. The consistent emotionless and soulless persona of Meursault really makes it seem to me that maybe prison is right for him. Throughout the book he makes it known that not much is needed to make him happy. For instance when he said ¨I told him I was quite prepared to go; but really I didn’t care much one way or the other. He then asked if a “change of life,” as he called it, didn’t appeal to me, and I answered that one never changed his way of life; one life was as good as another, and my present one suited me quite well¨. It is clearly shown here that he really does not care what happens to him. Although prison is a very scary place and a place where nobody ever wants to end up its almost as if Meursault just does not care. Prison will be right for him and will teach him how boring life can get when you have endless amounts of time to do almost nothing. Yet it will also fill his way of life and leave him in a dark emotionless place just like himself.

Mr. Blank Face

It clear to see that through out the first part of The Stranger, Meursalt is shown to be a man lacking emotion and a man who is lacking social ques, but I don´t think it is because he is an introverted person and or is shy. Throughout Meursalt´s language and his tone when talking to others never shows shyness. Overall I think that is just the type of person he is. Maybe past experiences or something of that nature caused the emotional withdraw but it is clear that Meursalt despises showing actual emotion and would rather answer in one/two word responses. One of these examples of this has to be his emotion surrounding his mothers death. He is so lackadaisical when in reality his mother is dead and the way he acts is really not typical at all. You can see this when he is talking to the director of the home when Meursalt says things like ¨ The director spoke to me again, but I wasn´t really listening anymore¨. Another example of this emotional detachment is when it comes time to see his mother. The director says ¨ I am supposed to unscrew her casket so you can see her¨, Mersalt quickly follows that up with a hard ¨no¨. This is quite weird that he does not want to see his mom at all after she had just passed. It clearly shows Meursalt´s emotional detachment and shows how disconnected he really is from society.