Comparisons within King Lear

The characters of woman within King Lear are portrayed as inferior and animal like. Whenever a woman character is brought up throughout the play they always are put in the situation of the bad guy or the one that did something wrong. This play shows very little if any respect for woman and views as completely inferior humans compared to men, the play even compares their actions to those of an animal. The reason being compared to an animal is so disrespectful is because animals are seen as wild and don’t have a grounding point and that animals don’t have the same power as humans. This leads into power and how little Lear trust woman or his daughters with the power of the kingdom. This also signifies that woman can not hold the same levels of power as men because they are inferior. Also Lear almost views woman materialistic during the beginning of the play when him and Cordelia have a fight about how she should love him more than she does. Lear wants Cordelia to love her father more than a daughter should love their father, but this is extremely weird and makes Lear look like a complete idiot.

Power is a huge theme throughout the whole play. There is always constant drama and disagreements about the power of the kingdom throughout the play. Now Power can mean a lot of different things and I feel like almost everyone in the play thinks that they have more power than they really do. So how do you quantify power? Power is handed from one person to the next throughout the play but does that really mean that they do have that much power?

This is unrelated to power and how woman are treated in the play but the way in which characters that are in disguise is used multiple times throughout the play is very interesting to me. It gives that extra spice to the play.

“Big Plans” By Why Don’t We

This is a song called “Big Plans” it is about taking risks and trusting those around you. It is mainly focused on a guy who wants his girlfriend to take a chance on him and to give him a year to show her all that he has to offer. This song is poetry because it has meaning behind it and has a purpose. This song also has a specific audience and speaker.

I got real big plans, baby, for you and me

So love me for who I am and for who I’m gonna be

Ain’t got everything you want, but got everything you need

So take a chance, take a chance on me

This is the chorus to the song and I think this is the part that stands out to me the most. It really digs deep at the fact that through time anything is possible and success and love and opportunity can come if you put in the effort and time into it. The song writer is likely writing this song to attract his significant other. The language used is also very important in this song. Words like “baby” and the phase “Ain’t got everything you want, but got everything you need” I feel are eye catching words that really show emotion and help get the speakers point across.

Not only is this one of my favorite songs to listen to when I am in a chill vibe but, it also a great hype song and almost builds your ego. This song gives me inspiration during hard times and gives me even more joy when jamming out to the song especially since it has such great flow and rhythm. Overall, this song touches you no matter what mood your in and has all of the significance and factors that poetry includes in it. In my opinion every song is poetry in one way or another but “Big Plans” definitely solidifies itself as poetry.

Saeed’s personal development through life

Saeed is able to grow as a person through his experiences in his life. He finds that a strong way to connect to his parents is through prayer. At a young age Saeed learns and expands on his prayer life with the guidance of his parents. Throughout his later years prayer gives him and escape and allows for prayer to give him answers to his problems when others are not around. Through the process of developing his prayer life it allowed for him to grow closer to his family. Nadia was part of his family for most of his early years. When both of his parents died she was the only one Saeed could turn to. Through prayer however, he is still able to talk to and connect with his parents that had passed away during his life. With prayer being a center point in Saeed’s life it provided him with the opportunity to find a girl that he really connects well with.

In life I believe that it is really important to have an outlet when you are in those tough and stressful situations. Whether that is prayer/ religion or some sort of activity that allows you to connect with people. Comfort is one if not the most important thing when it comes to making certain life changing decisions as Saeed had to make when deciding his future with Nadia.

The Truth Behind and Life and Love

My philosophy on life is probably pretty similar to yours. However, The Stranger by Albert Camus has different ideas. I see life as life. That means that life is what we live in and everyone’s experience with life is usually pretty different from one another. I personally do not like thinking about life other than having the best time possible throughout it and living life to the fullest. This might be because I fear death and do not want life to end, but another factor could be that I do not really know the purpose of life, other than that I am a part of life. Sometimes I feel like I am in a movie and life is the movie and I just play my role hoping to succeed.

Mr. Heidkamp on Wednesday had different ideas for class. He decided to lecture us on the meaning and purpose of life. Although I do not necessarily agree with this lecture, the lecture matches up very similarly to The Stranger. Although I am actually really enjoying this book, sometimes it can be a little dry. These kinds of books are almost always discussed in school for different reasons than just the plot of the story.

Beside the point, I would rather live life and experience it than talk about the purpose and meaning of it. With that being said, has anyone ever found out the true meaning of life? No! So why am I going to? I am just going to spend my time living it.

In the Barn

Joy (Hulga) has an artificial leg and when Pointer takes her on an adventure it turns south. Pointer entices her into a romantic session that ends up in the loft of a Ban on Hugla’s farm. Pointer keeps questioning her about her fake leg and continues to ask for her to take it off so he can see what it looks like. When Hugla takes off her leg and Pointer will not give it back she begins to yell at him and demand her leg back since she can not move without it. Eventually Pointer gets up and leaves the barn stranding Hugla in the Barn by herself with no way to get around. Pointer is a fake bible seller and really steals necessities away from his “clients”.

When doing something for the sole purpose of stealing valuable items, why do you steal artificial limbs and fake eyes? I personally think that their are way more valuable items in a house than a customized artificial piece of the body for one specific person. What do you think Pointer’s reason behind this kind of robbery and cruel acts is?

Jeff’s realization

Jeff starts to be put into situations which are exposing him to what is really going on at the spiderhead and what experiment is occurring at the facility. When Jeff realizes that their are two other men also going through this process he begins to think. He even makes a chart to realize who had sex with who. On page 63 Jeff explains, “Back in my Domain, I constructed a who-had-fucked- whom chart…”. Jeff also builds his realization when he talks to Rogan and Keith in the workrooms when the woman are deciding who should be Darkenfloxx, asking them if they had the same experience as he did.