Migration In Exit West

Exit West showcases that characters have the freedom to migrate almost instantly through doors. Resulting in characters doing so in search of new possibility or to escape the dangers of where they were previously. When Saeed and Nadia migrate they leave their lives they had before and use migration as an opportunity for change. Most would depict migration as an interval between departures and arrivals but Hamid depicts it as a condition of living in the world. Hamid shows us that migration is a normal aspect of life and that identity can fluctuate because of this. He displays this through both Saeed and Nadia, when they go through change in each of the places they visit through the doors. In the end, most would view migration as the struggle that one goes through, but Hamid changes that view and turns it into something positive. Where characters who do migrate mainly experience positive outcomes.

Responding to Benjamins’ “Bonds Of Love”

Benjamin states that domination and submission are key factors in relationships. Humans have accepted the fact that the man displays the domination while the woman remains submissive. She then digs deeper on how domination actually works within a relationship. Domination is in fact a complex psychological which ties both parties in a relationship in bonds of complicity. Benjamin showcases different scenarios where the man can be dominant and where the woman can be dominant. She states that culture plays a big role in why we accept this domination, saying, culture preserves the structure of domination even though it appears to embrace equality. She says feminism’s opinion on domination is the female is vulnerable because of the general male aggression