Journey to gold

This summer for my summer reading book I read Courage to Soar by Simone Biles. The main reason why I picked this book was because I have always loved gymnastics. I was a gymnast myself until I got too tall and coaches told me to put my efforts into a different sport. Anyways, the USA gymnastics team has created quite the name for themselves, so I was very excited to read about it. Personally I know a lot of training goes into being an Olympic athlete, but I didn’t realize the extent of the training. Biles explained how many sacrifices her and her parents had to make in order for her to live her dream. I just found it so fascinating how much blood, sweat and tears it took her and most all Olympic athletes to get where they are today. It was a very informative book on Simone’s whole life journey which I enjoyed reading.

Abnesti fake feelings

While Jeff is trying to process what just happened to Heather from Darkenfloxx, Abnesti attempts to comfort Jeff. Even though Jeff claimed he didn’t love Heather romantically he still cared for her and was very upset with what happened. Abnesti can see that Jeff is clearly saddened but says, “I hated it. I’m a person. I have feelings. Still, personal sadness aside, that was good” (72). Abnesti doesn’t offer a helping hand to Jeff in this hard time, instead Abnesti backs it up by saying he is a person and has feelings too, but yet doesn’t seem to be upset about what just happened. Even though Abnesti claims to ‘have feelings’ they don’t seem legit. The way Abnesti tries to comfort Jeff shows that he doesn’t really care for them the way he should, but still cares in some ways. Creating an environment that makes Jeff think of Abnesti as a good guy and doesn’t see through his fake feelings.