Frozen 2 Lost in the woods

by. Jonah Oufkir

Lost in the woods, by Johnathan Groff is an amazing song that connects to more of a relationship between what seems like a lost soul. and refers to the protagonist as lost in the woods when his love isn’t there.

The song connects to me and Johnathan groff goes over a topic that many people experience if in a relationship or not. the feeling of being lost when you need help being guided is something all of us feel at one point in our lives. If its your mother, father, or lover who is to guide you we’ve all felt lost.

“But is this what it feels like to growning apart

when did I become the one whos always chasing you’re heart

now I turn around and find I am Lost in the woods

North is south right is left when you’re gone.”

Johnathan groff uses the Idea of north is south and left is right to explain his confusion and lost feelings. He wants to stay together in this love but is confused by what this separation could mean for his relationship in the end. he wants to be found by love. he explains to the listener how he doesn’t want to be left alone but its hard to watch what he loves run away.

“Up till now the next step was a questions of heart

I never thought it was a question of weather.

who am I if I’m if I’m not your guy

where am I if were not together.

This specific part in the song talks about questioning ones beliefs about a relationship. A hard part most relationships go through. he see that Johnathan speaks of having self identity from another person’s presence even find home in there words. which makes this song very powerful to me.

Exit West – Seperation


Exit west continues this Idea of two different lifestyles coexisting against one another. These two different Ideas separate each other. Nadia, a free spirit away from her family and disconnected from what she is supposed to be. Saeed, very much connected to his family and very appreciative of what he has. The two half’s separate each other, Though not the way one may think. The separating between the two wasn’t negative, it was positive and allowed both of them to learn from each other. Nadia learned of the sweat comfort one could give if you let another in. Saeed learned the struggle some had to face in order to live, Saeed learned about the changing environment and how to stay connected to one’s family even if separated by miles of space. We both see two different life styles and two different ways of living but in the end both Nadia and Saeed stay together and live off each other. These two people instead of being separated a pushed away because of their differences they are connected by their differences and are learning from one another.