"Ain't No Grave" and Beloved

“Well, look way down the river and what do you think I see?”

While reading the novel Beloved, by Toni Morrison. I noticed a connection to one of the scenes in the novel to the song, “Ain’t No Grave,” by Johnny Cash.

There ain’t no grave can hold my body down
There ain’t no grave can hold my body down
When I hear that trumpet sound I’m gonna rise right out of the ground
Ain’t no grave can hold my body down Well, look way down the river, what do you think I see?
I see a band of angels and they’re coming after me
Ain’t no grave can hold my body down
There ain’t no grave can hold my body down

I found these lyrics to have a strong connection to the novel. The scene that made me think of this song was when Sethe was escaping slavery and taking the river to freedom. “Twilight came on and Amy said she had to go; that she wouldn’t be caught dead in dayIight on a busy river with a runaway.” Amy’s comment on being caught on a busy river was when I thought of the song, ” Ain’t No Grave.” A song about not letting anything put you down and rising above all. I thought of the song because of the line, ” Look way down the river, what do you think I see,?” This line in the song sticks out the most because I can see a connection to the novel. The awareness one has to have when escaping slavery because of the many risks. But then, looking forward and all the possibility of a better life and new opportunity. I think that everyone should give this song a listen because of the strong message it portrays.

'Till I Collapse

‘Till I Collapse is a song by American rapper Eminem, released from his fourth studio, the Eminem Show, in 2002.

‘Till I Collapse is a song I knew I had to pick for this assignment because of the strong motivating introduction. The song conveys the experience of learning to overcome failure when your at your lowest point. The song lets the listeners know that if you don’t give up and keep trying no matter what, your dreams can become a reality.

Introduction Lyrics:
'Cause sometimes you just feel tired, you feel weak
And when you feel weak you feel like you want to just give up

But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up
And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you want to just fall flat on your face and collapse

In the first verse of the song, Eminem tells us what living means to him. The introduction to the song lets us know that Eminem means business and is not here to play games. Everyone has their weak moments in life and sitting down crying about it, isn’t an option. Instead you have to believe in your self and fight a tough journey that will better you in the future.

Migration in Exit West

“Exit West” is a novel by Moshin Hamid, it is a story about migration and refugees, focused on a young couple fleeing a brutal civil war. Exit West shows that everyone is migrating and it doesn’t have to be geographically. Exit West teaches us that moving through time and age is a migration of itself.

One passage that stood out to me while reading Exit West, was when Hamid showed a new point of view. The point of view was now of a old women that is lonely because she doesn’t leave her house and only is visited by her granddaughter. The old women states, ” We are all migrants though time.”(209) This sentence caught my eye because I believe everyone can relate to it. Everything around us is changing and no one has control over it.

Meursault and his Mother

The Stranger, a novel by Albert Camus, lives up to the title. The story is about a character that is very alienated from society, from friends, from his lover, from human emotion, and eventually from normal logic. Meursault separates himself from these traits. Meursault shows no emotion to his own mother which leaves me wonders if they had a loving or hatred relationship.

At the start of the book Meursault’s mother has passed away. Meursault’s mother was living her last years in a nursing home which she was put in by Meursault. Upon hearing the death of his mother, Meursault didn’t cry and didn’t look at his mother one last time. Meursault was showing no emotion to the passing of his mother. Many criticized Meursault for not taking care of his mother and just putting her in a nursing home because he needed to provide for himself. After the separation Meursault didn’t put in any effort to see her. All of Meursault’s actions towards his mother shows that they didn’t have a good relationship. But, Meursault could of loved his mother very much. It’s just, Meursault’s strange personality makes it hard for us to understand the relationship they had.

“Bloodline” in Barn Burning

Blood comes up a great deal in “Barn Burning” though usually in terms of the blood shared by relatives. Sarty begins the story, Barn Burning, describing the smell in the store, “the old fierce pull of blood” (108). The pull of blood Sarty feels exists between him ans his father. The bond of blood between him and his father is so strong that Sarty cannot escape. Sarty cannot escape from his family heritage, the physical presence or absence of blood is more related to how the family responds to such bonds.

Sarty faces many challenges in the story where he has to tell the truth or go against the blood of his family. After the court trial, Mr.Snopes is telling Sarty hos important family is, “You’ve got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain’t going to have any blood to stick to you” (110). Sarty’s father Abner is suggesting that Sarty is responsible for keeping his father alive by telling lies for him. Sarty has to keep on lying in order to protect his family’s blood. Sarty soon realizes and makes his decision that he doesn’t want any blood to stick with him. At the start of the book Sarty knows the meaning of the smell of, “the old fierce pull of blood” (108) symbolizes the one-side of how his father views his family’s bloodline.