Is it Possible For Meursault to Love?

At the beginning of The Stranger, I would have said that it was not possible for Meursault to find love whether it be within a person or an object. But now, having read the ending of the story, I’m not sure if that is quite the case. Or if it’s as simple as a yes or no answer. With love, comes many social constructs that the world has provided for people to make them feel happier about the life that they were born into. With Meursault, he strays away from ordinary societal expectations and doesn’t give into those ideas. 

When Marie asks him if he loves her and if he wants to marry her, he says if that’s what you want to do then we can, but it doesn’t matter. Meursault understands that there are social constructs built upon the world but he also understands that for himself to be completely content with what life is, he doesn’t have to play into those structures. 

At the end of the story, we find Meursault talking to the priest and becoming quickly enraged with what the priest is saying. He gets so fed up that he insults and grabs the priest and we are finally able to see Meursault act and react. Given this final picture of Meursault, I know that he can feel emotion and can allow himself to be overcome with emotion, so much so that he just reacts without thinking about it. With that, I think Meursault might be able to accept love into his life. 

So, maybe?