Dance in Distress

This past summer I picked out my summer reading book not knowing what it was really about. I read Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnson, which I honestly picked because of its cover. One thing that teachers always said to me was to never judge a book by its cover, but I never listen. The cover intrigued me by the way Hermione Winters, the main charcter, has her shadow leaping on a pastel based cover waiting for someone to pick it off the shelf. As I started reading, the story grabbed my attention and made it hard to put down. I use to dance when I was younger which made the beginning of this story relatable, but you would have never guessed what was about to happen. This novel is about Hermione being captain on the cheerleading team while being involved in a toxic relationship. Of course there is way more important portions of the book, but that would just give it away.

E.K. Johnson does a phenomenal job of using imagery to take you into Hermione’s mind and realize what is going on in her surface. There was a moment in the book where I realized how I lost myself while reading it for two and a half ours. Overall, I would especially recommend this book to a high school girl.

Escape from ED289/290

The Escape from Spiderhead had multiple inspiring quotes, but there was one specific quote that stuck out to me. On page 64, it states, “It means that ED289/290 is the real deal. It can make love, it can take it away, I’m almost inclined to start the naming process.” This quotation stuck out to me because of how perfectly it is said. Some people search to find love all their life, yet Abnesti creates this drug that can create love and take away love. Humans crave love just like addicts crave drugs. Now that Abnesti created a drug that feeds humans craving, their will be more addicts attracted this new drug; love.