Women of the Future

Years ago when men were seen as the only leaders is when this play was written. Shakespeare wrote King Lear in a time where women had to dress and act a certain way to please the men in society. Men were the only ones who could work and “have power” as if women were incapable of it.

William Shakespeare wrote about all of the battles we had to fight to be where we are today, which is still not where we should be. Although, you can see the struggle that the female characters had in the play when reading it. King Lear had three daughters who could possibly inherit a sliver of what power their Father had by expressing their love for him. Two of his daughters, Regan and Goneril, showed their love while his third daughter, Cordelia, did not go above and beyond to please his Father in any way. Just in this small example, you can tell that they had to exagerate their love just to get a chance of reciving power they could never earn themselves.

Cordelia ends up marrying the King of France and inherits his wealth. Some would call her lucky to marry into that wealth, but it was almost a necessity. There was no way that she could make an extreme about of money by herself as a women. This itself is absurd. Women should have equal opportunities to receive wealth without having to marry into it or over express feelings, that are not really there, from their male relatives.

Towards the end of King Lear you notice history that repeats itself… Women cannot obtain power without obliterating everything and everyone around them. On no level is this fair/equal to women as a whole. For example, Queen Elizabeth chose to marry her country instead of a man. She should have never been able to become a female leader due to the “rules” that men set for a role model in a country. Although, she was one of the first female leaders in history which connects to the play and how there was little to no hope with a women becoming a leader. Queen Elizabeth is a prime example of an astonishing women leader who did not become ruthless and make chaotic decisions like others thought. Women leadership is needed more in the future.

Life in “2009”

Mac Miller’s song “2009” from his album Swimming gives off an emotional rollercoaster effect. While Mac was writing this song, he was going through addiction, heartache, and depression. The song lets you into his mind and allows you to realize a fraction of what he was going through. The immense amount of pain and suffering he was going through alone was what let him create this song. Within the lyrics spoken by Mac, he expresses the feelings he got from drugs, depression, love and affection. Here is a portion of the lyrics from the first verse expressing him moving forward through his depression each day:

Yeah, okay, you gotta jump in to swim
Well, the light was dim in this life of sin
Now every day I wake up and breathe
I don’t have it all but that’s all right with me

Mac’s lyrics all seem to have a deeper meaning compared to some other artists. You can see in the example above that he draws you into his life by expressing his feelings poetically through music. His use of rhyme and rhythm in his songs make them catchy which adds to the eye opening writing. When listening to the song, Miller’s voice sounds calm and relaxed during this part which shows how battling through depression is a struggle, but he does it everyday. You can tell that his tone is a big part of his writing. The use of volume also has affected how I interpret what he means in his songs. He communicates his feelings through music and it is almost like you are there with him while listening to his music.

I don’t need to lie no more
Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind, and
She don’t cry no more
She tell me that I get her high ’cause an angel’s s’posed to fly,

Mac Miller learns to take one day at a time by relaxing and being himself. Through these lyrics above, he also mentions his ex; Ariana Grande. She was an angel to him, hence him calling her angel. One of the people in his audience is Ariana who seems to have made a major impact on his life. These lines use imagery by painting a picture/scene of when Ariana stops crying and they are getting high together while she looks like an angel. We all interpret lyrics differently, but that is how I interpreted these lines.

It ain’t 2009 no more
Yeah, I know what’s behind that door

These two lines occur four times within this song. The repetitiveness happens for a reason, especially in poetry. The line constantly reminds the listeners that Mac did know that 2009 was over and that he knew what was going to happen. He released two mixtapes in the year 2009 and was not too sure where or what he was going to write next. He ended up talking about his personal struggle with drug addiction within this period of time.

Mac, throughout all of his songs, seems to use language that can be perceived as inappropriate and outstanding at the same time. Just like in poetry, you need to entree the reader by having words that have deeper meanings then it appears. Mac Miller does that in all of his songs, especially in “2009.”

Hesitation Beyond The Doors

The author, Mohsin Hamid, did an extraordinary job by building strong connections with the characters throughout the novel. The mystical doors that led to various places interested me the most because they always led somewhere new. In Exit West, the doors seemed to give Saeed and Nadia new and improved opportunities that they would never be given if it was not for the mysterious doors.

Doors can be seen differently through everyone’s eyes. Some might see doors as new opportunities, or they may see them as obstacles that they are facing in life. Either way, doors can be life changing and eye opening. This does not always mean that the life changing moments will always be positive, they can be negative as well. Although, when Saeed and Nadia leave their home to get away from war, it seemed to be a positive until they arrived in England. In London they had a very different job description, “Saeed and Nadia’s worker camp was bounded by a perimeter fence. Inside this were large pavilions of crayfish fabric that looked like plastic, supported by metal trusses in such a way that each reared up, and was airy within, and was resistant to the wind and rain” (170). This quote shows how different their lives were after going through the door (their new opportunity). I do believe that when you take advantage of opportunities like this, they will pay you back positively in the end.

Life’s Purpose

As I was listening to Mr. Heidkamp’s lecture in class, it made me think of my life decisions and what I am going to do with the life that I have. To start off, is there a purpose to life? I do not know how to answer that question nor do I feel like I ever will know. None of us know the real reason why we were put on this Earth in the first place, so how will we ever know the real meaning behind our lives. 

In The Stranger, Meursault does not express his sadness when he attends his Mother’s funeral. This to some people may seem crazy, but have you ever considered the fact that he does not know how to respond with how he really feels? How it feels to lose someone you love and to not know the reason why they were taken away from you (not physically). What is the meaning behind death anyways? We may never know the answer, but what we do know is that we have a handful of years to make the most of it.

Some people think that the purpose of life is to find love. That love is the one thing that people strive to have in life. I slightly disagree because I feel like happiness is almost equally important. If you are not living a happy life, then what is the point of life at all? Life feels the best when you are happy, but when you are sad… Life feels depressing and worthless. The emotion people strive for is happiness and if love gets to be a part of that, then I think that is a bonus.

Dance in Distress

This past summer I picked out my summer reading book not knowing what it was really about. I read Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnson, which I honestly picked because of its cover. One thing that teachers always said to me was to never judge a book by its cover, but I never listen. The cover intrigued me by the way Hermione Winters, the main charcter, has her shadow leaping on a pastel based cover waiting for someone to pick it off the shelf. As I started reading, the story grabbed my attention and made it hard to put down. I use to dance when I was younger which made the beginning of this story relatable, but you would have never guessed what was about to happen. This novel is about Hermione being captain on the cheerleading team while being involved in a toxic relationship. Of course there is way more important portions of the book, but that would just give it away.

E.K. Johnson does a phenomenal job of using imagery to take you into Hermione’s mind and realize what is going on in her surface. There was a moment in the book where I realized how I lost myself while reading it for two and a half ours. Overall, I would especially recommend this book to a high school girl.

Escape from ED289/290

The Escape from Spiderhead had multiple inspiring quotes, but there was one specific quote that stuck out to me. On page 64, it states, “It means that ED289/290 is the real deal. It can make love, it can take it away, I’m almost inclined to start the naming process.” This quotation stuck out to me because of how perfectly it is said. Some people search to find love all their life, yet Abnesti creates this drug that can create love and take away love. Humans crave love just like addicts crave drugs. Now that Abnesti created a drug that feeds humans craving, their will be more addicts attracted this new drug; love.