Camus’ Theory Applied to Us

Tre B

The Stranger gives us a very unusual perspective on an idea most people think they know the answer to, but according to Meursault and Camus they are doing everything wrong. The idea in question is the answer to life or what is the purpose of existing. To most people things like sports, music, cooking, and family are reason enough to live for because they enjoy having it in their life. Camus’ theory would only work if you were the only person livng on earth because you have no one else to interact with, but because there’s more than one person on earth social interactions and problem will occur no matter what. This means that lifes true purpose isn’t just to feel existence itself and do nothing but take what life gave you and make yourself and those around you the happiest for the time we have to live. If all you did was focus on the future then you would never live in the moment for which you truly said you wanted too. Just because death is inevitable doesn’t mean you should throw away the people or things you that gave you joy even if it’s not forever.

Coming of Age “202 Checkmates”

In the story of 202 Checkmates we follow a 11 year old daughter trying to defeat her old man at chess. It is a classic coming of age story with the girl growing up and seeing the hardships her parents are going through and how she deals with them. The reason we read a common story like this is because of how the author portrayed chess in the fathers and daughters relationship. Every parent has some outlet with their kids whether it’s a sport, instrument, books, computers, video games or chess. This outlet serves as a safe place where kids and their parents can talk about something they both enjoy and can make conversation about it. Chess gave that opportunity for the father with him and his daughter playing everyday even after arguing with his wife. By playing a simple game the daughter now had a goal to accomplish and the father had a way to break some of the tension in their family. Chess taught the father about life from his dad and now is passing it on to his daughter even though shes caught up in playing the actual game. The father was trying to teach his daughter that chess was more about representing life then playing and we know she learned that at the end when she let her father win. The daughter learned to sacrifice her win to see her dad happy which is something the father wanted from the start so even though she could’ve won, the father won in a different way.

Understanding Benjamins Theory Of Subjectivity and Power

Individuality comes with certain conditions that have to be met in order for people to form relationships.  The male species has the ancestral nature to dominate and think of anyone else as sexual objects or helpers to him.  And in order for relationships and bonds of love to form people need to recognize who other people in society are.  If someone does not give attention or show any feelings towards a person then that person ceases to exist.  This power imbalance is what made the patriarchy into what it is today with males not recognizing females as equals and just sexual objects.  This intense battle of trying to dominate one another makes the process of forming relationships harder than it needs to be.  Think about the quiet kid that sits in the back with his hoodie on and headphones in, and that nobody has talked to or knows anything about him, after high school that person is forgotten because of the lack of dominance he had over people.  They viewed him as nothing special and not a threat so they gave him no thought.  The power hierarchy which all people have in their minds is what keeps the bonds of love from being formed. Her theory makes me see the social exchanges between people as machines rather than human beings.