Who Makes Justice

In King Lear, Lear is the man with all the power to begin with. From the time the reader saw him with everything, he was not a great or admirable man. Lear was quick to anger, impulsive, and the opposite of smart. The only reason his subjects listened and obeyed him is due to the fact that he held all the power. Defying the King could mean losing your life, land, or family. King Lear deals out his sense of justice when Kent, his loyal advisor defies him. At the beginning he could do anything he wanted with no consequences and didn’t hold back.

As Lear deligated his land to his daughters, his power dwindled. He could no longer deal his sense of justice with no council. Goneril and Regan held all the power and almost all of Lear’s former followers left to serve the strong. The daughters proceeded to make their own dealings and pass their own sentences on people. Justice gets dealt by the people who hold the power. It is always the people who win and can do the real damage that make justice. In most wars, the victor has been on the side of justice, but it is not because justice prevails. Rather the winner is justice and no one could defy them.

03′ Adolescence

The rap artist J. Cole has been around for awhile and is personally one of my favorite artists. In his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the song “03′ Adolescence” is a great showing of poetry in music. In this song J. Cole talks about his life growing up and the struggles he went through in an impoverished community.

Early in his song, Cole utalizes multidimensional language quite clearly.

I wish I weren't so shy, I wish I was a bit more fly
I wish that I, could tell her how I really feel inside

Cole uses the word fly in the meaning of looking and being cool. While the literal definition of fly is to take flight in the sky, he uses the slang term. He then goes on to use the other form when he says,

Ball player, star player, I'm just watchin' from the side
On the bench, cause my lack of confidence won't let me fly

Cole uses the same word to end another line of his music in order to portray another form of the word. This time he uses the word to show the more literal meaning of the word. He purposefully uses the same word twice in order to display both meanings of the word.

Poetry is something that makes someone feel a particular experience. Without a doubt this song classifies that but the only way for you to experience this poetry is to listen to it.

The American Dream

In the novel Exit West, a major idea presented is migration. While Nadia and Saeed are in England, the british people don’t want all of them coming in at first. This is very prevelant in reality with not only fugitives but just migration in America. Some people in the US are scared of people people taking their jobs which I think is ridicuclous. If a person that has most likely had a more difficult life than you can come here and take a job from someone, then I don’t think the people who were here originally are working as hard as they could.

My ideals about migration mostly stem from Dad. He legally came to the US from India when he was 13 and worked so hard for him and his whole family. Without knowing English until he came here, my Dad was able to put himself through med school and bought a house for him, his parents, and his siblings. I think many immigrants have his mentality that the hardest part was getting making it to the US. He was preparred to work as hard as possible to get ahead from the moment he got here. He is the only reason my family is currently in a wealthy neighborhood and if he could do it then I think lots of other migrants can too. It does not matter to me if immigrants got here legally or illegally because they should all be given a chance to thrive in the US.

Meaning in Illusions

In “The Myth of Sisyphus”, author Albert Camus argues that Sisyphus is happy. Camus explains that because Sisyphus is aware of the absudity of life, he can be happy even during his eternal punishment. He can realize that there is no point to his labor and find happiness just from doing something. Camus writes, “The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart,” (3). Although this is what drives Sisyphus to be happy, ordinary people can also find happiness without looking past the absurdity of life.

Most people today find meaning in their life through family, success, faith, love, and many other things. These are all illusions to distract people from what life truly is at its essence however I do not think this causes people to be any less happy. If a person cares about financial success, then they drive themselves forward with the idea that they want more than what they currently have. This drive may not be considered a great motive but it can keep people happy to have a dream in mind. Wanting enough money to live comfotably is a common motive in society and their happiness while getting closer to the goal is defineatley not fake. Even though at it’s core it is crazy to keep value in life based on pieces of paper is absurd, the happiness it can bring is real. It keeps people away from thinking about the randomness of their actions and drives them. If Sisyphus can be truly happy just lifting a boulder up a hill, then the absurdity of our actions and motives can also keep ordinary people happy.


For my summer reading book I chose to read Kobe Bryant. I was really excited to read this book by Clayton Geoffreys, but I soon lost that. After Kobe passed away I wanted to learn more about him so I thought I would choose a book that would give me more insight on who we was. I was very disappointed when I started reading because of how dull it seemed to be. After recently watching the documentary on Michael Jordan, “The Last Dance”, I saw no similarities between the two. This book did not keep me engaged like the show was able to. I knew about who Michael Jordan was, but not like what the documentary showed me. I learned about how he was off the court which was something the Kobe book could not do. I had a preconceived notion that the book would be the same, so I probably had high hopes. Either way the writer just did not do what I was looking for to keep me engaged with good story telling. From our previously read short story, “Good Readers and Good Writers”, Nabakov stated, “Every good writer is a good deceiver,” (31). The author of Kobe Bryant was not able to do this, however I did still learn some interesting things about Kobe’s games. I definitely give him credit for what he had to work with but I think this could’ve have been drastically better.

Good Guys

Toward the end of the short story “Escape from Spiderhead” by George Saunders, The main character Jeff was forced to watch Heather take her own life. Before the same thing was about to happen to Rachel, Jeff thought to himself, “It was like all I had to do to be a killer again was sit there and wait,” (76). After this Jeff saved Rachel by switching the Darkenfloxx into his own MobiPak. Although Jeff and Rachel were prisoners who had done very bad things, Jeff still had the humanity to not want to see someone die. By societies standards Jeff was the ‘bad guy’ for what he had done in the past, while the ‘good guy’ was Abnesti who forced this upon them. With no regard for either of there lives Abnesti was the one to make them endure everything as he looked down upon them. He had no respect for what he thought was beneath him all the while he tried to convince the prisoners that he was the ‘good guy’. Abnesti could not view the prisoners as humans which ultimately put him in the wrong.