On Your New Journey


On Your New Journey was the 3rd album released by next gen girl band, Poppin’Party. Perhaps, you are confusing about next gen band, so did I when I just heard this. It is actually a program conducted by Japanese musician and anime lovers. They invite famous dubbers and animists to create stories about those who believe in music, overcome difficulties and eventually become a real idol. At the same time, dubbers of the main characters are asked to form a band under the same name in the stories in the reality. Although they are professional dubbers, no one know anything about music at first. As the story continuous, the dubbers started to get interested in music and they grow as the characters do. I was deeply attracted by such program(by the way, it called “Bang Dream” for anyone who is interested) or by such group of people who are chasing their dream and enjoying the life, the friendship.

anime character

Back to the theme, On Your New Journey was released just after the first season anime had come out. At that point, the program was new and in order to keep up the popularity, they wanted to hold live and practice hard for that. If you watch poppin’party’s ancient mini live, you must get shocked. Their singing were terrible, the instruments were fake, but still lots of fans supported them. Few years after the official anime came out, they had made huge progress. As a result, the main point of this song is to commemorate their efforts and encourage those who still working towards their dream. On You New Journey is the official translation of the song-Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimini. Honestly, I don’t feel this interpretation fit the original meaning most. In my own words, the title means “to those who just start to run. ” Comparing to On your new journey, it feels more poetic. Not simply starting my journey, I am dashing towards a trusted goal; this song is exactly what I need to keep me running.

On this endless road that continuous

I had decide on only one thing…

From the beginning of the song, it depicts a lonely person who is walking firmly on a long long way.

You can change the present

by changing the upcoming future

Although you’re trying to whisper the song,

you still haven’t made a step out.

Then, comes another character who is a idol that the singer wants to be. She blamed herself that lacks the courage to move forward, but finally,the encouraging words form the idol let her regain confidence and endeavor to stand abreast with her some day.

Running through each shinning season

A tear shed as I looked at you

I cannot reach you just yet

but please don’t stop the song of friendship

The climax of the song shows a strong will that doesn’t fear future and challenges. Even though you see me cry, see me topple on the road, as long as you company with me, I have infinite energy to keep running. When I listen to this song, there is always a lively and persistent figure running on a stretching road in front me. She has flashing tear drops on her face; she also feels the pain inside her knees; but I can see neither of those expressions under the afterglow. All I know is that she never ever stops.

Silent “human”

One day when I was reading the Beloved, I encountered an unfamiliar word. It was not a rare thing for me as a foreigner. I looked it up in the dictionary but couldn’t find a suitable meaning. Surely, it was not a unit, an adjective or something for horse inside Paul D’s mouth. Definitely, it can’t be such item. So, to prove my thoughts, I opened my browser and googled it. A iron mask with belts and necklace which fix the equipment on one’s head was all I saw. I was really confused about what the purpose of such a weird mask at first, however, I got astonished after went through all the passage under that picture.

The iron bit was something invented by cruel slaveholders to punish the slaves. Inserting the bit is considered abnormally painful and horrifying. Equipping the iron bit would let the user lose the ability of speech. What’s more, it also prohibited people to eat or drink even his or her own saliva since the inner part of the mask prevents the tongue from lifting. What’s more, the outspread hook attached to the necklace plus the heavy weight of the whole mask made it impossible for the victim to run, escape or rest. Generally, the iron bit is designed to torment slaves both physically and mentally.

According to Toni Morrison, she believed the bit has a deeper meaning that is silence. I fully agreed with her since the iron bit is not similar as other instruments of torture—it focus on mouth. The biggest difference to distinguish us human from animals I would say is language. Animals don’t have a whole system of language, they often use different voice for informing, threatening or giving other simple signals without detail. As a human we own colorful language. It is an advanced way of signaling because we include emotion, personality and those special beauty owned by each person. With language, knowledge can be spread out; with language we encourage those deep inside the abyss; with language, we become unique and inscribed by others forever.

The brutal punishment of depriving human’s basic right is definitely dehumanizing. One’s endless desire drives the appearance of such tragic object. Now people trace back to the dark history, but how we suppose to know those silent but deep deep scars under the heavy and thick iron piece.

“We are all migrants”

“We are all migrants through time.” This is my favorite sentence from Exit West. Like the literal meaning, we are always traveling during the whole lifetime. Sometime we leave our hometown reluctantly by wars, disease or political chaos that all make the society into a huge mess; sometime we step out our comfort zone to find challenges and opportunities; sometimes we don’t have a clear reason but just want to see the world. No matter which one fit us, or maybe none of them do, the environment surround us definitely changes, including encountering new people, blending in to the local culture and many other skills to learn for staring from zero. This process must be difficult or even painful.

I didn’t really understand those exhausted eyes on the trains moving outwards the city under the dusk, until it comes my turn to sit like their postures but on a different train and overseeing a different dusk. loneliness, stress and fears are keeping accumulating along the journey. Let’s try to be nice to the people who are new to our community. Being patient when a foreigner ask you the direction with an unfamiliar tone, or maybe giving the seats to those who carry huge sacks because ,one day, we will also feel powerless in a different city like a tree loses the connection to its root and is transplanted in a deserted plain. However, that’s how a new forest starts to form.

“We are all immigrants.” We are all brave explorers.

Happiness Occurs from Unconsciousness

Happiness occurs from unconsciousness, this was part of Camus’ argument in his work, The Myth of Sisyphus. He believed that Sisyphus only felt painful of the futile and hopeless labor when he realized his wretched condition(Page 19). This was an interested idea which I’d like to talk about.

Perhaps sometimes you may notice that there are different type of people around us all the time. However, some of them, you always see they’re at their best mood, how can that be possible. We are all human being and all suffering at some point. The difference is that they ignore the things which make them unhappy. The way we think about the same object or event can be totally from person to person. A negative way of thinking may cause to a bad mood and affect our life the following day or even longer than that. A positive one can look beyond and ignore the “unimportant” parts.

Yesterday, when I just went home, I opened the fridge and picked some shrimps for dinner. I washed them, and lay them out on a towel to unfroze them. As I was staring at the shrimp, suddenly I trembled a few seconds and wondered that why I gazed the “bodies”. Frozen shrimps basically are form of nice preserved body of shrimps. What would happen if we see frozen people’s bodies lay on the towel without head ?Would our saliva also comes out of the mouth ? That’s a good example which we ignore the undeniable facts in the reality. People create such illusion called food to help us have a better dinner experience, help us to forget the cruel human nature and help us to throw the great sympathy instantly like the one we giving to the human-friendly animals close to us. I can tell you I had a terrible meal last night.

All in all, like Camus mentioned in his passage, this myth was no longer tragic and the goal was no longer meaningless, if at every step the hope of succeeding uphold Sisyphus. Instead of thinking the heavy strong force in his hand pushing him down, he felt the supports from the steady warm earth boosting him to see the scenery at the summit. Was him happy during that journey of uphill? If we neglect all those stupid theories and ethics constitute the goodness for a little while during the holy period of feeding our belly, can we notice the sweetness covered by the pliable and juicy shrimp meat this time?

Some Thoughts about “The Cariboo Cafe”

The Cariboo Cafe was a profound story indeed. When I started to read this story, I could hardly comprehend since its fragmentary narrative. Then, I started to think about why the author arranged such “chaos” throughout the story. The answer I come up with was that Helena Viramontes, the author of this story, hoped us can dive into the unfriendly worlds that these “illegal” immigrants used to. By achieving this, author inserted different aspects towards each unique narrative. Like both stories of the lost Mexican children and a refugee woman were written into a first person version and a third person version. Most of the time, we judged others merely by their appearance just like the owner of the coffee shop. He said the refugee women was a weirdo. However, after we read the story later, we knew that she was a pitiful mother and her only wish was to stay with her son. We would never know these facts of someone unless we had a deep talk to him or her. I believe this was something Viramontes wanted to emphasize by such special arrangement. Nobody came to this country for no reason. Why don’t we sit down and listen to the people around us peacefully when they feel depress or powerless, or we can just make a cup of coffee for them. A coffee with soft and sweet scent.