“The worst book I have read”

I have read many different books throughout my life and most have been great. I am someone that understands the difficulty involved in writing one. Very few times have I finished a book and said wow, that was an atrocious read. However, after finishing my last summer reading book I can say for certain that the book I was given was the worst book I have read in my life. Uninformative, uninteresting, dull, redundant, unengaging, full of typos, missing a lot of important information and overall just poorly written.

The book I read was “Kobe Bryant” by Clayton Geoffreys. I was actually very excited to open this book up. Kobe had already passed away and I wanted to learn more about who he was as a person. The book failed to provide any insight on this at all. Rather than keeping the reader engaged with plot twists about his life and what went into some of his greatest games, the book merely listed stat after stat of his performances. Nothing more. It felt as if I was reading the same page over and over again.

The things Nabokov says in Good Readers and Good Writers help to better reiterate what was not happening in this book. Nabokov says “To the storyteller we tun for entertainment, for mental excitement of the simplistic kind, for emotional participation (32).” The entire book was unentertaining. And as much as I hate to say it, there was not even any excitement I felt while reading. Excitement is a necessary component to reading. altogether, I learned that bad books can still make it into schools. If you gave me enough time I could have put together a better book, it was that bad.

“Escape from the pain”

“I used it, dropped it down the heat vent, in case I changed my mind, then stood there like: I can’t believe I just did that (78).” In “Escape from Spiderhead” Jeff was required to watch Heather receive an excessive amount of Darkenfloxx in order for him to prove he had no feelings towards her. After the test came back, it was proven that he did not have any. The test also resulted in a lifeless Heather. The Darkenfloxx proved to be much too powerful and led to Heather smashing her head against the wall repeatedly to the point of death. Jeff had to watch all of this unravel. Even after all of this, Abnesti wanted to also Darkenfloxx Rachel to see if Jeff’s results would differ for her. Jeff, however, did not want the guilt of being partially responsible for someones death again. So he decided not to “Acknowledge” when Abnesti asked for his drip to be on. Permission needs to be given in order for an action to take place. While Abnesti was looking for a waiver that would force Jeff to take Docilryde (a drug that makes someone do whatever is asked of them without hesitation) Jeff decides to shoot himself up instead. Jeff recognizes that it is more important for him to endure the drug than to allow someone else to suffer. Jeff would end up hitting his head on a desk to avoid feeling more of the agonizing pain the drug had caused him to feel, and died.